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How to Camp in Hot Weather

Everyone loves the summer. It is that season of the year you get to go on vacations, attend no school and enjoy camping. However, summer comes with the heat, making summer camping difficult and miserable. You might have to sweat all night while sleeping, which isn't fun. The good news is that you don't have to suffer the heat during summer. With these helpful tips below, you can be sure to enjoy camping in hot weather and have as much fun as you want to.   

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Set Up Your Tent or RV Under a Shade

First, to enjoy excellent summer camping, you must set up your tent or RV under a shade. You must avoid setting up directly under the sunlight. It may seem exciting to set up in a sunny spot, but we recommend that you pitch your tent in a shady spot to control the heat. It is the best way to prevent your tent from getting too hot and stuffy.

There should be trees around that can provide natural shade for your tent or RV. Setting up your tent or RV under these trees would be better. Just ensure to keep your tent out of the sun. Doing this will also help you to prolong the lifespan of your tent. Also, master the timing as shade will move as the day goes by.

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Tie a Sun Shade Above Your Tent

After setting up your tent or RV under the shade, it would also be helpful to tie a sunshade above your tent, leaving some space between it and the sunshade. It would greatly help prevent the sun from hitting your tent directly, and the distance between the tent and the sunshade will improve air circulation

Doing this will also be helpful if you can't find a shady spot. It will provide shade and shield you from the direct rays of the sunlight. 

Do Not Zip Your Tent Up or Close Up Your RV Doors During The Day

It is also important to note that zipping up your tent or closing your RV doors during the day will make it get stuffy and uncomfortably hot. Let fresh air get into your tent and RV by leaving the doors open and not zipping it up.  

It would be helpful at this moment to set up awnings at your doors and windows to shield the sun when you open your doors.

Pitch Your Tent Towards the Breeze

If you need to find out how the breeze is blowing, you can always drop a pinch of grass to see where the air blows. You can also wet a finger with your tongue and lift it to feel where the breeze blows. After you have found the way the breeze is blowing, the next thing is for you to set your tent or RV up towards the breeze.

You can also pitch your tent, so the mesh opening faces the breeze. Doing this will help the flow of air into your tent.

Put The Fan On In Your Tent

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It would help if you had your fan on now that you're summer camping than ever. It will help to cool your tent. You will need a portable power station to power the fan in your tent rather than having to bring batteries, depending on how long your summer camping would last. The Acevolt Campower is portable and long-lasting. It is lightweight, so it won't be a big deal to carry it to camp. It is even powerful enough to power other appliances and devices you would need to keep using, such as your refrigerator, to ice your food, and other devices like your phones, laptops, and so on.

This beneficial trick will also help your fan blow cold air in your tent. You can put an ice pack below the fan. The fan will blow cool air into the tent as the ice melts and the fan blows.

Take A Cool Shower

You taking a cool shower while summer camping at intervals is an excellent idea for shedding off sweat developed from the summer heat. It will be so refreshing as well. If bathhouses are on your campsite, make good use of them to be comfortable.

Choose The Right Sleeping Bag For The Summer Season

Each season has its appropriate camp sleeping bags. During the winter, there are warmer sleeping bags that would keep you warm in the cold—likewise, in the summer. Colder sleeping bags are suitable for summer camping, and these would be the best for you to get while camping. 

You can ditch the sleeping bags and lie under the sheet if it is uncomfortably hot. While asleep, ensure to keep the fan on, powered by the Acevolt Campower portable power station, so that you wouldn't have to sweat through the night and end up not sleeping. The bottom line is this, buy the right sleeping bag for each season.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is encouraged all year long. It will help if you stay hydrated, especially when summer camping. Drink a lot of water. Have a bottle of water with you now and then, especially when you need to go hiking, biking, or get involved in other outdoor activities.

It would help if you had a portable power station, like the Acevolt Campower, to keep your refrigerator powered. It will help to keep your water cold and suitable to drink when the weather is scorching during the day

Take Off Your Tent's Rain Fly

During summer, the weather forecast is usually dry, and no thunderstorms are on the horizon. Taking off your tent's rain fly is better because it traps heat. When you're summer camping, you want to prevent the heat as much as possible, and hoarding unnecessary heat in your tent's rain fly will only worsen matters.

When you take the rain fly off, you'll release hot air through the mesh roof. In any case of unexpected rainfall, setting up your tent under a shade will protect you.

Use Tents Specially Designed For Summer Camping

Like sleeping bags, there are tents designed for each season. You can use heavy canvas tents better during winter. However, tents with plenty of mesh are more suitable for summer camping. Using this type of tent during summer will allow good air circulation through the tent.

Furthermore, you must get a tent with a color that does not absorb heat. Black tents for summer camping are usually not advisable. Black and other deep colors absorb more heat than other colors and could contribute to the intense heat in your tent. It will be a bonus if you get a tent in light colors.


Yes, you can use AC in a tent. Although it doesn't work as perfectly as it should in a tent, it goes a long way in keeping things cool. So, if you decide to use an air conditioner while summer camping, the Acevolt Campower is your best portable power station option to power it, and because it is summer, you can put the panel in the sun to charge it over time. It charges fast and is long-lasting, so you won't have to bother about going out of power

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