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Things to Know Before Buying a Portable Power Station for Camping

Camping is undoubtedly an activity most people experience at a point in their lives; it might be with family, friends, and even for educational purposes. Indeed, you have to be prepared and informed about what to expect from camping and things that will come in handy. Being informed and prepared makes your camping experience remarkable and worthy of recreation.

Is a portable power station worth the investment? The answer is yes. One of the major concerns of people that go camping is power supply; folks want to keep their gadgets charged and working, knowing fully well that they are away from the comforts attached to home; you need a power source for camping. The good news is, your camping experience doesn't have to be without your electrical gadgets as you have feared; you can take power supply with you, howbeit in a portable state. Interesting right?

Acevolt campower 2000 portable power stations

Manufacturers have made things pretty easy by making it possible for campers to have their portable power supply as they go camping. Thus, you can have a power source for camping that is not difficult to transport, and you can enjoy your camping experience with a consistent camping power supply.

This article focuses on portable power stations for camping and what you need to know before going for one. It also gives insight into the best mobile power stations for camping and what you stand to gain from going for them. On this note, why don't you sit back, get a drink and enjoy this piece?


portable power station- AceVolt Campower 2000

What is a portable power station?

You have probably come across the term "portable power station" but do not know what it means, or maybe you have never come across it; not to worry, this article has been written to give insight into the world of portable power stations. Without further ado, a portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator that is usually equipped with an AC outlet, DC carport, and USB charging ports. A portable power station helps to keep your devices charged, from phones, laptops to appliances like coffee makers, electric grills, and mini coolers, among others. An interesting fact about portable power stations is that they do not produce carbon, and this means it is safe to use them indoors. If you are going off the grid or preparing for an emergency, portable power stations come in handy to keep your devices charged and running for hours and even days, as the case may be. Typically, portable power stations are similar to a small microwave and provide consistent streams of power without the noise or exhaust associated with a generator powered by gas.

Portable power stations have come to stay and make life way easier.

Why should you make use of a portable power station?

One of the most important questions when talking about products and what they offer is why you should use them. Portable power stations are not exempted from this scrutiny; why should you use a portable power station?

When the power supply is cut in the neighborhood, or you want to unwind with your family on a camping trip, a portable power station comes in handy to meet your needs. It is powered by lithium batteries and has a lot of advantages over the conventional gas or diesel-powered generator. Below are some of the benefits of using a portable power station;

1. Convenient size

This is arguably one of the significant advantages of standouts for portable power station users; it is about the size of a small drink cooler and can be easily transported. With gasoline-powered engines and fuel tanks, gas-powered generators are at least three times bigger and heavier than portable power stations. Portable power stations can be easily stored in the back of an SUV together with your luggage other camping gear.

2. It is rechargeable

Another exciting benefit portable power stations have to offer is they are rechargeable by various means. They can be charged with solar panels, at home with a home-wall plug, or using a 12-volt plug for a car charger. On the other hand, gas-powered generators depend on the supply of gasoline and compel you to carry an extra supply of gas in cans, which is not safe.

3. It is safe

Another way portable power stations are advantageous is the absence of carbon typically produced by engines. Generators that run on gas are a setback as you cannot safely operate them in a house or even in a garage. Portable power stations do not produce toxic fumes, which means you can use them in almost any environment.

4. Peace

I believe one of the primary reasons people go camping is to be away from all the noise and rigors of populated places. Hence, it will be disappointing to go camping and be disturbed by the noise of a generator. Portable power stations come on board with all the quiet you can think of; your camping experience can therefore be peaceful as much as you desire.

5. It is cost-efficient

The new generation of portable power stations requires little or no maintenance. Furthermore, you do not need to spend money on gasoline and other costs attached to gas-powered generators.

    Considering these advantages, it goes without saying that portable power stations are a must-have, especially when you go on your camping trips.

    What are things to look out for before buying a portable power station for camping?

    Indeed, portable power stations come with many benefits and use, but it is not the case of "one size fits all" with them. There are things to consider when on the lookout for portable power stations, and these factors can vary based on peculiar circumstances. Let's consider some things to look out for before buying a power station for camping.

    1. Performance

    This is one of the first things to look out for before purchasing a portable power station. Taking a close look at the power output rating can give you an idea of the power output of a portable power station. A rating of at least 20W is a great choice. It is worthy of note that portable units typically rely on performance instead of power output. Given this, it is expedient to go for a portable power station that is versatile in application. For example, you might need to charge your smartphone or jumpstart your car; therefore, you need to consider your options before choosing.

    2. Durability

     The quality of the design is an essential factor to consider. Since you are searching for a portable power station, the size you go for should have a maximum weight of about 50 pounds for easy transport. Also, ensure that the power station has comfortable handles and great wheels to make things easy as you move it around.

    3. Versatility

    Apart from the factor of portability, versatility is arguably one of the most pivotal factors to be considered before purchasing a portable power station. You should ensure that your desired device has various output options. Typically, it should have at least two fast-charging USB-A ports, one AC outlet, and another socket type. Though all portable stations come with battery meters, you can go for a more tech-savvy option.

    4. Compatibility

    Every portable power station should come with multiple outputs. More importantly, these outputs should bring different things to the table for optimal functionality. Before you go for any portable power station, you have to make sure it is compatible with your primary devices.

    5. Camping frequency and Camping site


    Having considered the essential things to look out for in a portable power station, let's take a look at the Acevolt Campower 700W Portable Power Station Solar Generator.

    AceVolt portable power station-Campower 700

    Acevolt Campower 700W Portable Power Station Solar Generator

    The Acevolt Campower 700 solar generator is undoubtedly uniquely built and designed for camping, considering all the features that come with it. An interesting background to the invention of this portable power station is the story of about 100 campers who were invited and who collectively helped design the Acevolt 700, having in mind the needs of campers. Below are some eye-catching features of the Acevolt 700W.

    - Super power-saving mode including a backup battery
    - The battery comes with a long lifespan that is five times the strength of regular ion batteries.
    - BMS and intelligent system double penetration
    - LED lighting and warning
    - Fault self-check and self-repair
    - Multiple AC/DC output ports can support numerous electrical equipments at the same time; all USB ports have the fast-charging tech
    - High-efficiency solar charging MPPT
    - A 2-year warranty

      Having learned what portable power stations are, their benefits, what to look out for in purchasing them, and examples, it is safe to say you have been adequately equipped to make the right decision in going for a portable power station. Remember that your camping gear is never complete without a portable power station. So, what are you waiting for?

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