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Is A Portable Power Station Worth The Investment: A Buyer's Guide

The importance of an off-the-grid, reliable power source cannot be overstated. Either you are stationary at a private residence or mobile, going camping, or on a road trip, you will find that a power source like a solar generator comes in handy. However, due to the high cost of solar panels and portable solar generators, acquiring an easy-to-use, cost-effective product may seem elusive. Whether or not this is a wise decision depends on a variety of factors. This guide seeks to help in your decision-making process, ensuring that you get value for your money. What then is the fuss about solar power generators? What makes them so important for secondary home backup services or as primary on-the-go power sources. AceVolt portable power station Campower 700 off grid power system

What are Portable Power Stations?

Portable power Stations are devices that store electrical power in an internal battery for later use and backup purposes. They are powered by different means. This depends on the technology used for power generation. We would stick with solar-driven ones for this article. Most cities share a fairly reliable communal electric grid. In outages caused by natural disasters or even heavy rainfall, it is advantageous to have a power source that can stand in until normalcy is restored. Most solar power generating systems consist of:

  • Solar panel component (solar panels),
  • The portable power station, which houses the battery that stores electric charge,
  • The solar charge controller regulates energy flow and
  • The inverter

Despite the many benefits of getting one of these devices, one must put into consideration several factors before making a purchase:

Things To Think About Before Buying A Portable Power Station

  1. The capacity of the solar generator

Sunlight energy is crucial to the operations of a solar generator. Hence buyers must ensure the generating unit comes with large solar panels and durable batteries. These batteries will preserve the harnessed energy for later use. Simply put, the larger the solar panels, the more sunlight energy will be accumulated. This must be balanced with the presence of a strong battery. This is why the Acevolt 700 is a wise choice as it comes with a 672Wh battery.

  1. Product efficiency and energy management

With all the benefits of the solar power system, one complaint that you would find prevalent among users is the short life span of storage units. Most solar power units usually require a replacement of the batteries after a short period of usage. Buyers must ensure they get a product that gives an ample warranty period. The Acevolt 700w comes with a warranty period of about 36 months. The device should also be built with a proper energy management system that accommodates a wide range of devices without trading versatility for design and aesthetics. The AceVolt 700W, for instance, can charge your phones (44 charges), MacBooks (9 charges), drones(8 charges), TVs(10 hours), and cameras (35 charges). It charges a mobile device up to 80% in an hour.

 AceVolt portable power station Campower 700 battery capacity

  1. Number of ports and users power needs

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you don’t have the right tool for a simple job? A knife for cutting, or a hammer or screwdriver for driving, not having them at hand often leaves one frustrated. This is similar to having a solar generating device that doesn’t have enough ports or ports that are compatible with your device.  To prevent such an occurrence, verify the number of ports on the device you are acquiring and ensure that it accommodates all the devices you own or intend to charge. The Acevolt 700 comes with a long-lasting battery capacity, a smart warning system, and up to 12 different charging ports for different appliances. Speaking of the USB power delivery, AceVolt Campower 700 has two 3A 18W fast charging USB-A and one 100W USB-C port. Surely it will conveniently satisfy varying needs.

Evaluating one’s power needs must be done with the utmost caution. The first step would be ensuring you have an idea of your power requirements to get only a device that suits your needs. When this is not known beforehand, it allows you to select a device that will still have enough power to spare on a high energy-consuming day.

solar generator acevolt solar panel 200watt

Why do you need a solar generator

To make effective decisions in life, it is important to be able to view from both sides of the lens, and even though many advantages come with owning a solar generator, the initial cost of acquiring one is generally considered to be on the high side. What then are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a solar generator?

Advantages of owning a solar generator

  • Access to free energy

    Asides from the initial cost incurred at the point of purchase, there are no extra costs involved as all that is needed is sunlight energy, a resource usually in endless supply for most parts of the year. Solar generators provide free energy, saving money that would have been used for refueling if one had gone for a gas generator.

    • Noiseless and carbon-free

      Gas generators can be unhealthy with the toxic carbon fumes they emit and the often loud noise they create. On the other hand, solar generators operate quietly with only the cooling fans of the inverter, creating an almost negligible sound. This makes solar generators a handy solution for indoor use, camping, throwing parties, or general use at night in case of outages.

      • Portability and Durability

        For individuals constantly on the go, portable power is a great advantage. The components of many solar generators are lightweight and made to be transferable from one point to another. Whether you are camping, taking a road trip with your car, or taking time out in an off-the-grid cabin, having a little extra power is important.

        • Ease of Use and Low cost of maintenance

        Solar generators are easy to run. With little technical knowledge or general experience with gadgets operating one isn’t difficult compared to gas generators. Due to the absence of moving parts, you don’t have to worry about maintenance checks or even getting spare parts for damaged components.

        Disadvantages of owning a solar generator

        • Cost of Purchase

          The initial cost of solar generators varies significantly depending on the power needs of the buyer and the size of the solar generator. The price range goes from the cheaper ones of about $150 to more durable ones suitable as backup power for homes and costing up to thousands of dollars. The major factor that determines price is the batteries; hence it is advisable to verify your power needs and go for one that fills this need and is affordable.

          • The need to recharge

            As you would find in most alternative source devices, a solar generator will need to recharge once the power inside the battery is used up. Depending on the amount of power you use daily, prevalent sunlight conditions, and the battery capacity, waiting for the system to recharge can be frustrating. This is why it is important to ensure that the solar panels are correctly positioned at points where they can easily access sunlight energy.

            • Sensitivity to high temperatures

              Most solar generating units with Li-ion cells respond to high temperatures (anything above 104 degrees Fahrenheit). The power stations housing the batteries are prone to excessive heating conditions caused by prolonged use and poor ventilation. Due to this, it is recommended to place the system in a well-ventilated environment that allows proper dispense of accumulated heat. The LiFePo4 Battery can resist up to 140F of high temperatures. You won't have to worry about the safe use of electricity

              One of the best LiFePo4 solar generators in the current market that considers these constraints in its design is the AceVolt 700w, with its 672wh energy capacity. The Acevolt solar generator, your ideal solution in your quest for a portable solar generator that is worth every penny. Most users desire a solar power generating system that is easy to set up to harness sunlight energy, high in capacity, durable to meet a vast range of energy needs, and ultimately, a setup that is relatively easy to carry (if you are camping and you like to travel light). The Acevolt 700 ticks all these boxes with more mind-blowing specifications to spare.

              Final Thoughts

              Getting a solar generator is a wise choice because it provides consistent off-grid electricity while using sunlight energy to charge up. After the initial purchase, there are zero additional expenses. With no need for refueling and repairs, you eventually save your money with long-term use.

              For every device, we acquire its efficiency and durability are crucial features we constantly desire. With solar-powered generators like the AceVolt 700, we can rest assured that we have a solar generator that satisfies these criteria. Its design allows for charging anywhere at all where sunlight exists, at any destination of preference. We can live without the fear of unexpected outages and natural disasters. At no extra cost other than the amount spent for the initial purchase, we would be acquiring a bargain and a reliable backup plan.

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