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10 Safety Tips for Summer Camping

Camping always comes with great experiences where you interact with nature more easily and have more fun with your family. During summer camping, you won’t need to be afraid of staying in the open because of cold weather. However, summer camping can be quite dangerous when you do not put proper camping safety in place.

Before you set out for summer camping, there are some safe camping tips that you must note for camping safely. This article will guide you on 10 basic camping safety tips you will need when camping this summer.

Safe Camping Tips in Summer

1. Know the camping surrounding and weather condition

AceVolt Campower 700 Portable Power Station

There are different campsites and what is common in each campsite is always different. Don’t just conclude that you know the environment well; you might need to contact the campsite management. It is also worth knowing that summer camping situations are quite different from winter camping. So, enquire about the possible challenges while camping at your desired campsite. Prepare to bring a map along also; it might save you when you are stuck during camping.

Likewise, check the weather condition before going camping and prepare for it. It may rain even when you are out there for summer camping. However, you can save yourself from thunderstorms before you check the weather. Ensure to check different sources for the weather condition to know what to expect and prepare extra gear in case the weather forecaster is wrong.

2. Receive vaccinations

Receiving vaccinations can help your experience during camping. Check from your doctor or nurse the necessary vaccine you can take to make you healthy during the camping. The vaccine can be determined by the location of the campsite and your health conditions.

3. Prepare good foods and store them safely

You need food to stay healthy, so prepare good food when going on a camping trip. Since it is a camping trip, ensure to bring only food that will require less refrigeration. Likewise, make adequate preparation for different means to store your food properly in good containers.

4. Stay safe with water usage

Be sure to take much water along while camping in the summer. You get dehydrated quickly during summer camping since the sun will produce more heat at this time of the year. However, be careful of drinking just any water while camping as this might lead to illness. One way to treat your water before use is by boiling it. So, ensure to purify your water when unsure if it is clean in case you run out of water during camping.

Likewise, camping always includes playing around or in the water. However, ensure to stay off water-related illnesses. Avoid drinking pool water; you can do well to avoid swimming if you have diarrhea. Another thing you might consider is taking a shower before and after swimming.

5. Learn the campfire safety

camp fire

One of the activities that make camping trips awesome is a campfire. However, safely practicing will enhance your camping safety. Be careful of where you want to place your campfire. Ensure it is not close to your tent; you can place it at least 15 feet away from your tent and explosive things. Other things you might want to consider are;

  • Check out for the campfire permission in the camp. Campfire restrictions can be during the summer to avoid fire outbreaks at the campsite. So, follow the regulations of the campsite strictly.
  • Keep the fire small for camping safely during summer.
  • Keep a bucket full of water near you to avoid bad circumstances.
  • Never leave the fire until it burns out.
  • Only make a campfire in fireproof equipment.
  • Ensure to confirm that you completely extinguish your campfire before going to bed.

6. Bring along the First Aid kit

Getting quick help when you are camping is low when you are at home. So, bring a first aid kit along as part of camping safety. There are different things you might encounter while hiking or during playtime, especially when you are with children. Picking the necessary aid for sterilizing, covering wounds, and relieving inflammation and pain is important when camping during summer.

When packing a first aid kit for yourself, ensure the following are available in it:

  • Sterile compress
  • Small pair of scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Moleskin
  • Eye drops
  • Snake bite kit
  • Aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Cotton swabs
  • Safety pins
  • EpiPen
  • Gauze pads
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Bandaids

7. Protect yourself from insect bites and sun

Sunburn and insect bites are common in summer camping. Hence, protecting you and your family from these bad situations is paramount. You can apply insect repellants to your body to protect your skin, while there are some you can apply to your environment. Likewise, use sunscreen, sunglass, and lip screen to protect your skin from the ultraviolet ray of the sun.

8. Be careful about poison sumac, oak, and ivy

 summer camping

You can research the common plants in the location of your campsites to know the poisonous ones. Do not be in haste to touch any plant during camping, and avoid eating fruits on any tree while camping. However, ensure to clean your hands whenever you touch any poisonous plant. Likewise, you can use calamine lotion to stop any itching on any part.

9. Be careful about Wildlife

Coming in contact with wildlife while camping in the summer is possible and very high. Hence, this is why you must enquire to know the surrounding of where you are camping before going there. It will be easy for you to prepare how to prevent this wildlife and keep them away from you while camping. Likewise, wildlife can be attracted to your food, so there is a need to keep your food safe to avoid unnecessary visitors. Other things you might want to note about wildlife while camping is;

  • Avoid touching wildlife for your safety and their safety
  • Please do not feed them
  • Never get too close for your safety
  • Always announce your presence in an area to keep wildlife away from you by making some sounds
  • Ensure your dog is not off-leash

10. Plan for much camp illumination


This is one of the most vital things you must never neglect. You can easily see things in your environment clearly during the day, but it will be a different case at night. Hence, you must prepare many illumination sources to ensure your camping safety. Avoid any fuel-burning equipment in the tent, such as a lantern, as this might endanger your life. Fuel-burning equipment releases carbon monoxide into the air, which is hazardous and poisonous to human health. So, consider a camp lantern that uses a solar panel instead of carrying fuel-burning equipment.

Likewise, you enjoy summer camping more when you do not disturb your environment from generators’ noise. You stay in more comfort and help your surrounding neighbors when you use a solar generator to power all your light at night. You can easily use the sun during the day to your advantage by charging with your solar panel and generator.

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