The Ultimate List for RV accessories

The Ultimate List for RV accessories

The Ultimate List for RV accessories

There are several camping options; RV camping is one of them. It gives you a "home away from home" experience, especially with the necessary accessories.

RV accessories are essential; you could say they are as crucial as the RV itself. There are certain RV accessories you must have for your rig to function well and be safe, no matter what RV you have. 

The most important thing when looking for a perfect RV camping pack list is to go along with the basics. Leave at home items you know you can do without for a few days.

In this article, we have compiled the ultimate list for RV camping to ensure you have everything needed for your next trip.

Basic/General RV Accessories

EMS/Surge Protector

A surge protector or EMS is a must-have, and when you want to purchase, do not go for "cheap"; go for the best. Suppose you will be connected to an outside power source. In that case, you need to protect your RV. An EMS (Electrical management system) or surge protector will save you the cost of electricity issues like power surges and spikes. It protects your RV from over and under voltage by shutting off your power automatically to keep your electrical system. The surge protector cost cannot be compared to the damage that not having it can cause.

Portable Power Station

The portable power generator is one of the top RV must-have accessories for dry camping or boondocking. Check out acevolt portable power stations, and purchase the one that will serve you best based on your electricity requirement. You can use your backup battery pack to power our devices when there's no access to power.

Toilet Paper

Except you would use the campground's bathroom throughout, toilet paper is a must-have. You should use septic-safe toilet papers or toilet papers specifically made for RVs. If you use regular toilet paper, ensure you flush with enough water or avoid flushing it. 

Water Pressure Regulator

The water pressure of the park could be so high it bursts your lines. A water pressure regulator saves you from the risk of flooding your RV. you are to attach your pressure regulator to the campsite's water supply. Also, consider getting a pressure regulator that is lead-free and safe to use for drinking water. 


Chocks prevent your RV from rolling away when parked. This is a necessity, especially for travel trailers with no automatic brake. Chocks come in different sizes and shapes and can be used  in different ways.

RV Sewer Hose

It is necessary to have  this to drain your holding tanks. Your best option would be to get a high-quality hose and a see-through connector. This lets you know when the water is clean as the tank is flushed. On your end, also plan  to pack disposable gloves for emptying the holding tanks and handling the sewer hose.

Fresh water hose

The campsite's water supply can be quite far from your RV, requiring a hose covering about 50 feet. Getting a couple of short ones can also be an option. Note that the cheaper the hose, the greater the chances of leakage. So we advise that you opt  for the best whenever you plan to get yours.

Power Adapter and Cord

When the electrical output of the campsite is incompatible with the RV, power adapters come in handy. You can not use regular house extension cords; you need an RV specific power cord. If your RV doesn't come with one, make sure you purchase one. 

Leveling Blocks

For trailers without an automatic leveling system, you may need leveling blocks to raise some tires and get the RV on an even plane. Looking for an inexpensive way? Use wood blocks instead.

To avoid your tires blowing out, check your tires regularly with a tire pressure gauge. You can get a simple one that doesn't take so much space. It's a camper's essential.

Shower Head

This showerhead can take even the lowest pressure; it's the favorite of RV campers. It's advisable to change the shower head in your RV to this, whether you've been using it or are just getting yours. 

Air Compressor

Don't wait till you have a flat tire before you get an air compressor; you do not want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because you do not have an air compressor, do you?

Personal Accessories

While packing accessories needed for a great camping experience, remember not to leave behind anything you'll need for personal use. Some of those things include:

  • Insect repellant
  • Chargers and outlet adapters
  • Toiletry kit: Toiletry kits include toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner,

First aid kit

  • Lotion and sunscreen
  • Hair tools and products like hair dryers, brushes, clips, combs, etc.

RV Kitchen Accessories

If you plan to cook while camping, we recommend buying these kitchen accessories to make cooking more manageable and faster while taking up less space.

Collapsible Kitchen Accessories

If you will be staying in a small travel trailer, this is what you can call a lifesaver. You can have the needed kitchen equipment and still have enough space left when using collapsible kitchen items. For example, a trash bin can be essential but could take more space. Getting an over-the-door trash can would save you that space.

Instant Pot

An instant pot is a multipurpose kitchen device. The device alone can serve as a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and so on.

Kitchen Knife Set with Covers

One of the top RV accessories is a set of sharp knives. Knives with covers are a plus; you need not worry about cutting yourself when placing them on the table or in the drawer.

Refrigerator Bars

This RV kitchen accessory keeps items from falling out and spilling while traveling. It also helps so you don’t have to rearrange every single time.

Camping RV Supplies

These are camping accessories used basically outside the RV. It's primarily fun RV accessories.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

The use of firewood can be an option. But it could be stressful, and your campsite may not allow it. A portable fire pit connected to a propane cylinder is a more accessible and sophisticated option. It comes in handy when the weather is chilly, but you’d still love to socialize outside with neighbors and friends.


Though it can take up more space, you should have a hammock to relax and unwind in the open space. You could get a durable one that kids can play in. also, consider getting one with its stand, so you don't have to worry about trees to hang it around.

Folding Table

A folding table is one of the camper’s essentials that we recommend. You could adjust it to be the right height for kids to eat while sitting on the ground. It could also function as a work table, depending on how you want to use it. Be sure to have your name written on the table; it's an RV standard, so many people own one.

Outdoor/Picnic Mat and Chairs

These are outdoor relaxation accessories. Whether you want to enjoy the outdoor views and freshness or keep dirt out of your RV, mats or chairs come in handy. You could check out online for the right ones for you.

Internet Connection Accessories

Traveling full-time in an RV will require you to stay connected to the internet. Campground Wi-Fi can be unreliable, making an internet connection your best bet. You will need these accessories to stay connected throughout your camping period.

Hotspot Antenna/Wi-Fi Ranger

You can use a Wi-Fi ranger anytime your hotspot is on. When you connect this to your hotspot, you can pick up signals faster and better.

Laptop Stand

You can say goodbye to back and shoulder pain with a laptop stand. It has a carrying case and also folds up to become small. You get to work with your laptop more conveniently and for a longer time.

In Conclusion,

The list goes on and on… there are many other RV accessories, but these would give you a good start experience. Also, remember that when it comes to purchasing the best portable power station for your camping, Acevolt got you covered!

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