RV Camping Theft Prevention Guide

RV Camping Theft Prevention Guide

When camping or glamping, the last thing you want to think about is the safety of your RV. Unfortunately, thieves exist in the campgrounds, too, like everywhere else. The good news is that there are many inexpensive, practical, and easy-to-implement strategies to keep your RV safe from wannabe thieves.

RVs can be easy targets for thieves. They can not only drive away with the vehicle but also the belongings. If you want to camp without being paranoid and enjoy your trip, be assured of the safety of your gear and wheels. These are some RV security measures to follow:

- Lock doors and chock wheels

- Install an electric security system

- Place steering wheel locks

- Never leave valuables visible inside 

- Choose an RV site with adequate security 

    How RVs are Stolen

    Using your imagination, you can see how burglars can get away with RVs. However, many stolen RV stories can be avoided if owners are more careful. 

    While it's uncommon at a conventional campground, the majority of RV theft occurs in empty, parked vehicles. For instance, at storage facilities, RV campground, at home, on the roadside, and during road trip stops. RVs can be stolen in the following ways:

    1. Breaking and Driving The A Campervan Away

    It only needs a simple hotwire to break into the locked door of a motorhome. This is why it is critical to take steps to make potential thieves' work more difficult and time-consuming.

    2. Attaching the trailer To The Thief's Truck 

    Consider how simple it would be to drive away after hooking up to an unsecured, unprotected trailer. If enough precautions are not taken, anyone with the right truck and hitch can back up to an unattended trailer and hook up. A skilled gang of robbers could steal your trailer in as little as one minute.

    How To Prevent RV Theft when Camping

    You've probably heard about people's RVs being stolen. Occasionally, from storage facilities, and sometimes, while touring and vacant. It is a painful experience irrespective of where it occurs, but it can be avoided. 

    The first step towards travel trailer security is to lock the doors and chock the wheels of your RV. However, there are more measures you can take to truly dissuade crime. 

    Continue reading to learn about all of your choices for RV security.

    • Lock doors and chock wheels 

      The best way to secure a trailer from theft is by locking the wheels. That way, an RV can be rendered immobile. There's the traditional boot, but locking wheel chocks is also an option. These are better for RVs in storage or if you plan on staying in the same place for an extended period of time. 

      You can also make use of tire boot locks. These devices, which are popular among local parking enforcement officers, curl around your wheel and through your tire to prevent your van from moving. They can be an excellent advertisement to criminals that they should go elsewhere because they are more visible than most other possibilities. 

      Are you the proud owner of a fifth wheel? A kingpin lock is a great investment. Anyone trying to hitch up your RV and drive away will be unable to do so because of the lock. 

      • Install a Security System 

        A solid security system is one of the best trailer anti-theft devices you can get. From motion sensors to glass-break sensors to notifications, today's ever-evolving technologies offer a variety of ways to monitor and secure your RV. These advanced systems will deter an opportunistic thief. 

        If someone enters the RV while you are gone, many systems will automatically sound an alarm. Others provide video surveillance as well as cellular alerts whenever there is activity observed around your RV. Many would-be thieves will be deterred from attempting to steal your RV because of this.

        • Steering wheel locks should be used for motorhomes

        Because motorhomes are essentially large cars that may be lived in, the safety features are typically the same as those found in other vehicles. Steering wheel locks ensure trailer theft prevention. These locks are made up of a giant metal bar that locks in place over your steering wheel, making it nearly hard to steer the vehicle. Because removing one would be difficult, most thieves will avoid your motorhome if they see one on the steering wheel.

        • Don't Leave Valuables Inside The RV

          Not all thieves want to take your whole trailer; some are just after what's inside. Before leaving your RV unattended, take as many of your valuable possessions with you as possible. That includes gadgets, jewelry, and anything of importance. Some RVs come with safes that you can store some items safely. Of course, RV safes are limited to smaller items like jewelry and gadgets. 

          Another option is to make sure you have a dedicated bag to store your most valuable possessions in. That way, when it's time to go on an adventure, you can grab the bag and go. If you have wanted to protect something bigger like a generator, you might want to keep it secured in the back rack. 

          A LiFePO4 portable power station like the AceVolt Campower 700 would be an attractive steal for burglars. After all, who doesn't want a portable power station with a long lifespan and fast charging? Lock it with a combination coiled lock for extra security.

          • Find A Secure RV Park

          How safe are RV parks? Some have good security, but some do not. Not all parks are the same. That's why it is important to do your homework when choosing one. Make sure your RV park has good security methods like video surveillance, guards on duty at all times, and proper screening before allowing people into the facility. If your facility is too lax in any of these areas, it's time to find a better option.

          Theft Prevention Devices For RV

          Asides from using locks on your wheels and steering, there are some other devices you can install for maximum trailer theft prevention. These devices are:

          • Install a GPS Tracking device 

          This may sound obvious, but having a tracking device installed on your RV will always offer you the peace of mind you need to know where your RV is and how fast it's traveling. 

          There are many solutions available online, each with differing degrees of effectiveness and cost. 

          • DashCams 

          Are you wondering how else to secure a trailer from theft? DashCams are another helpful technology for preventing illegal renter use or potential theft. Some cams have 360° capabilities, allowing them to turn around and record the entire cabin. They may also include sensors that detect crimes such as break-ins and theft.


          RV security can be a breeze when you do it the right way. All you need do is be vigilant and invest in some gear to keep your van away from the sticky fingers of RV thieves. Then you can enjoy your camping or glamping trip in peace.

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