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Visiting The Grand Canyon: Where To Camp, Stay And Play

The Grand Canyon National park proudly occupies the 15th spot as one of the national park sites in the United States. This phenomenal landform is located in northwestern Arizona and is widely referred to as a world wonder. 

You expect to experience the Grand Canyon in all its elegance and glory at this exciting location. Plus, it is an experience of a lifetime filled with excitement and thrill at the second most visited recreational sites in the United States. You can enjoy the Grand Canyon tent camping or even the Grand Canyon RV camping if you are a fan of recreational vehicles.

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Of course, for your adventure to be superb, you need to plan for where to camp, stay and explore in this remarkable World Heritage Site. This information may be the contrast between a time well spent at the Grand Canyon with your family and one that is wasted or unfulfilling. 

We present the best Grand Canyon camping for beginners guide, with the most helpful information about how to camp at the Grand Canyon and make your visit nothing short of exciting.

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Best Times to Visit the Grand Canyon National Park

Perhaps you have considered the question of can I camp at Grand Canyon as a camping enthusiast? The excellent answer is, Yes!

Grand Canyon offers you a variety of options for tent camping, backpacking, Grand Canyon RV camping, and hiking opportunities. This is why 6 million visits are made by tourists every year to this destination.

Yet, you should know that not all parts of the Grand Canyon are open to visitors all year round. This is due to weather situations and the operating standards of the Grand Canyon. 

If you plan to go to the Grand Canyon for the first time, the following information about the best times to camp at the Grand Canyon will be helpful.

  • Summer: This is the peak period when the Grand Canyon is visited. Thanks to the warm weather and the vacation months, the best camping Grand Canyon experience is possible. Although this same advantage of the weather and warm temperature also makes the Grand Canyon a bit congested, it won't indeed be a bad idea to visit the Grand Canyon during this period.

  • Fall and Spring: If you are not a massive fan of crowds and congestion, spring and fall are the best times to visit this national park. The experience is still preserved, and the weather is equally welcoming. 

  • Winter: Apart from the factor of extreme cold, some parts of the Grand Canyon are not open during fall. While South Rim camping and the Grand Canyon West are available year-round, the North Rim is usually seasonally opened from mid-May to mid-October.

In all, it is an excellent decision to always check with the service update of the Grand Canyon National Park, especially if you are going to the Grand Canyon for the first time to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Best Views to Visit at Grand Canyon National Park

Now you have a period you wish to make your South Rim Grand Canyon camping, but you are thinking of the top things to do at the Grand Canyon National Park. Here we explore top tips for visiting the Grand Canyon to make your camping memorable.

First, you should know that the Grand Canyon offers a vast experience that only a few people have been able to unveil deeply. To experience rich access to the splendor of the Grand Canyon, you should plan to do these things:

Grand Canyon Skywalk

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk

Perhaps, one of the most popular attractions that the Grand Crayon has is the Skywalk. It was constructed and maintained by the Hualapai Tribe and stands from 70 feet in the air. Grand Canyon tourists can easily access this landmark structure from Route 66 on the west side of the Canyon Rim. Wheelchairs and vehicles are accessible to the Skywalk, making this tower a place for all.

  • The Desert View Watchtower

If you desire to see exceptional views of the Grand Canyon, the Desert View Watchtower is a great place to achieve this. This structure was designed by Mary Jane Coler and is a 70ft high stone watchtower. You can also have a great time enjoying yourself with your family on park benches, picnic tables, and shade alcoves available nearby. 

The Desert View Watchtower the Grand Canyon

  • Nature Photography

What is the use of the scenic landscapes of the Grand Canyon if you cannot capture the moments? The Grand Canyon gives you an abundance of views, sites, and scenes that you can grab on your mobile devices or camera. You sure will be coming with storage loaded with beautiful pictures if you take your time to capture the moments and locations of this treasured area.

  • Rafting the Colorado River

The Colorado River offers the opportunity of rafting. This water body that stretches over an extensive 225.9 miles of the Grand Canyon gives tourists the thrill and pleasure of rafting. However, the Colorado River is known for its high-class currents and raging white waters throughout its course. This means only persons prepared for an intense rafting experience with the required and appropriate gears can dare to take on this adventure. A permit is also necessary for campers before river rafting at the Grand Canyon.

  • Ancient Tusayan Ruins and Museum

This historical location that dates back to over centuries ago is part of the Grand Canyon's top locations. At initial sight, this location appears ordinary, but you will see more exciting features when you explore it further. It has a living area, a room where ancient items are kept, and a Kiva compartment where spiritual activities are carried out by the Pueblo-Indians who lived there. 

The Grand Canyon Campground Recommendations

Campground Recommendations

Like we have said, the Grand Canyon serves many purposes, from being a tourist destination to a campground location where you can obtain the best of adventures with nature. There are lots of fascinating places to camp near the Grand Canyon. To make your search for the best locations less strenuous, the suggestions below can be helpful when looking for a campground at the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon National Park is known to have three front-country campgrounds which you can drive through even without a special permit. There is a campground at the North Rim, while the South Rim has two campgrounds, with an RV park.

The following are helpful general tips about camping in Grand Canyon National Park:

1. The camp is allocated on a "get-as-you-come-basis." That means coming early in the morning during the summer gives you the advantage of getting to claim a campsite.

2. A standard campsite is meant for six people and provides three small tents. Larger groups will require campgrounds with double or group campsites features.

3. At each campsite, up to two vehicles are permitted. A vehicle is defined as an RV, 5th wheel, or trailer.

4. When visiting the Grand Canyon during the summer months, you should be aware that the park gets hot, and there are few or no shade provisions in many parts of the campsites.

5. It is required that you make up Grand Canyon campsites reservations six months in advance. However, this requirement is exempted for the Trailer Village, where you can make reservations up to 13 months in advance.

6. Downed wood for campfires is prohibited. However, you can purchase woods near the campgrounds for this purpose or come alongside a solar battery power station like the acevolt Campower. 

7. The North Rim is higher than the South Rim by approximately 1,000 feet. Thus, it has better precipitation, vegetation, and a wide variety of animals and plants. This gives it an elegant view, especially as the erosion pattern in its rock layers is gradual.

8. The more pleasant conditions of the North Rim make it a choice destination for many campers. Hence, it can be competitive to get a campsite. 

9. The South Rim offers more tourist activity and convenience, such as visitor centers, tour guides, shuttle buses, etc. It also provides a lot of trails and viewpoints that are clustered around each other, producing a fortified camping experience.

10. The Desert View Campground is removed from the vibrant South Rim location. It provides a peaceful stay near the famous Desert View Watchtower.

11. The Mather Campground is located in the heart of the Grand Canyon. It provides enough shade among its ponderosa ones that surround the campsites with several animals habiting in this area.

12. The Trailer Village is open all year round. It is the best destination for RV camping, with excellent hookups (cable, sewage, electricity, and water) facilities. Other facilities are located just nearby at the Mather Campground. You can also consider coming along with a solar battery panel or portable power station like the Acevolt campower  to charge your gadgets in case of a power outage

    The Grand Canyon is the location of choice for you and your family, and the opportunities for fun and adventures are endless. The key to having a great time in the Grand Canyon is having the necessary information and planning adequately ahead.


    • David KD

      This is a fantastic beginner’s guide!! I don’t go camping much but my family has been planning a possible trip here. It was helpful to read about the different campsites and recommendations. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • David KD

      This is a fantastic beginner’s guide!! I don’t go camping much but my family has been planning a possible trip here. It was helpful to read about the different campsites and recommendations. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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