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What Are Watt-Hours And What Size Do I Need

Thinking about watt-hours is not something we find ourselves doing every day. But this subject is inevitable when you aim to get the best portable power station

Understanding the difference between watt and watt-hour can also be a topic when you’re trying to know how your home energy impacts your electric bill or how it compares to your inverter system.

While electricity is supplied in your home, it carries energy that can be measured in several ways. This article takes the complex aspect of watt-hours and discusses it in simpler and relatable terms.

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What Is Watt?

Power is expressed in basic units called watts. It measures the rate at which electronic equipment uses electricity, thermal, or mechanical energy. Watts measures the electrical flow and shows the level of flow an electric device needs to be functional. In the same sense, it reveals the rate of power supplied into your home from your solar energy system.

What Is Watt-Hour?

Household appliances require energy in the form of electricity to work. This energy is the amount of work generated or performed by electrical devices over time. In units, it’s measured in watt-hour (Wh). Most times, your utility charges for electrical energy reflect Kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is 1,000 watt-hours.

Watt Vs Watt-Hour (The Differences)

Although watts and watt-hours may be related terms, both are entirely different. While watt measures the power that comes into your home at a moment, watt-hours measure the amount of energy for a period.

This analogy is synonymous with how we interpret distance and speed. Distance is just the length of movement relative to watt since time is constant. Similarly, speed is the rate of movement based on time, like watt-hour. For instance, moving 50 miles per hour for one hour means you have actually moved 50 miles.

Likewise, a 50 watts electric bulb that is on for one hour means it has used 50 watt-hours of energy. If you keep using it for two hours, that equally means you have used 100Wh of power.

Since your utility only covers the energy from your electric meter, knowing the watts and watt-hours your appliances use exposes understanding the energy savings on your utility bills.

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How to measure the energy supply of power stations

Watts represents the measure of the power station. It calculates the rate of energy that can be transferred from the inverter to your devices. The higher the wattages, the more power your solar generator can provide in a single charge. That being said, you should pay attention to the watt measurement to know and decide on the power station capacity you need.

How Do I Know What Size(Wh) Of Portable Power Station I Need?

Before finding the right size of Acevolt Campower portable power station you need, it’s important you follow certain calculations.

  • Step 1: Note the appliances you need to power and for how long

Before purchasing the portable power station, you need to understand your need. You can begin by identifying the specific appliances you need your Acevolt Campower solar generator to run and setting a rough estimate of how long it will take to provide that power. Only pick the devices that can be plugged into portable power. Items hardwired in your home, such as water heaters, may not work with the power station. When making your analysis, some things to consider include phone and laptop charger, kitchen appliances, hairdryers, Air conditioners, video game systems, and other electrical camping essentials.

  • Step 2: Find out how much energy your selection uses

It’s only fitting to find out the measure of energy each of the gadgets you aim to power requirements. You need to calculate the number of watts required to juice these devices for a start. In most cases, the number can be found written somewhere on the device. Sometimes, these measurements are in amps, but you can convert the figure to watts by multiplying its voltage. Your next move is to decide the number of hours to use for each device. After this, multiply the number of hours you have in intent by the watts of each device. This helps you know the total watt-hours needed to run each device.

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For instance, if you intend to power two 50 watt lightbulbs for four hours each, you can find the total watt-hour of power needed by first getting the total hours and total wattage. The total hours will be the multiplication of two lightbulbs by four hours which is 8 hours. Then you can get the total wattage by multiplying the two lightbulbs by 50 watts of each, 100 watts. Multiplying both results gives the total watt-hours. Here (8 x 100) = 800 watt-hours. When getting a power station for this purpose, you need to find one that can supply at least 2000 watt-hours.

  • Step 3: Sum up all Watt-hour of your devices

As we have demonstrated above, you can calculate each gadget’s watt-hour. You need to add all the total watt-hour estimated to get the total amount of watt-hours you need your Acevolt Campower portable power station to provide. 

Compare the summed-up watt-hours result of your devices with the wattage offered by the portable power station. It should have a higher wattage than your total required watt-hour. 

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Why buy the Acevolt Campower 2000 Portable Power Station?

Acevolt offers power stations products of different capacities to meet different consumption needs. The unique AceVolt Campower 2000 portable solar generators are excellent backup power options for your home and camping trips. It’s made to be smaller, flexible, and versatile to fit more situations. Most people choose portable solar generators for access to clean power outdoors. As long as you have a solar panel to recharge your power station, it can serve as an excellent source to juice up your devices. 


The portable power station provides renewable energy sources with low maintenance for when you need them. However, even though it’s an excellent investment for powering your home and outdoor ventures, you should buy the right size you need. The Acevolt Campower 2000 is suitable for powering most essential devices. This article gives an insight into how you can calculate the wattage of the electronics you aim to power and for how long.

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