Top 10 Podcasts for Kids on Your Next Road Trip

Top 10 Podcasts for Kids on Your Next Road Trip

Top 10 Podcasts for Kids on Your Next Road Trip

If you haven't heard, podcasts are the hottest new trend. They're like radio shows you can listen to on your own time. You can put them on in the background while you work, or listen to them while you drive. Not only are podcasts entertaining for long road trips and long commutes but they are educational for your kids as well.

Kids like adults love podcasts, and road trips can be really long. Luckily, you can put many fun podcasts on your smartphones and the best podcasts for kindergarteners are available. Every road trip needs some good tunes, and why not use them as an opportunity to expose your kids to new things? There's a whole world of kids’ history podcasts created for kids in mind and plenty more that are great for the car. This is a curated list of our top 10 favorite podcasts for kids on your next road trip.

Top 10 Podcasts For Kids For Road Trips

  1. Wow in the World

Hosted by Mindy and Guy Raz, Wow in the World is a science-themed podcast for kids. It's perfect for car rides because the episodes are short, so they don't drag on too long. The topics are interesting to adults as well as kids, so you can learn something while you're on your way to Grandma's house.

The show covers everything from how butterflies fly to how volcanoes erupt, and it even has an episode about how astronauts eat in space. You can find Wow in the World on iTunes or listen online at NPR One. Each episode focuses on a new topic such as volcanoes, tornadoes, or earthquakes but not in a boring way.

The show is divided into three sub-sections: "What is it?", "What makes it happen?" and "How do we protect ourselves?". This podcast is perfect for a child that loves science but you are not sure how much he/ she will understand it yet, so this helps them learn while being entertained at the same time.


  1. The Story Pirates Podcast


If you haven't heard of The Story Pirates, you're in for a treat. This podcast is produced by the same people who make the Story Pirates TV show, which airs on PBS Kids. The Story Pirates are comedians who perform short stories written by kids (and sometimes adults). They also have a great YouTube channel with videos of their story performances.

The podcast features stories written by kids and performed by professionals. The stories on this podcast are often silly and include songs and jokes. It's one of our favorites because it's fun for kids but also encourages them to think creatively and use their imaginations.


  1. Brains On


Brains on is a podcast from American Public Media that covers science topics in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way. The hosts are funny and the sound effects are silly, but the topics are fascinating. This is a great podcast for kids of all ages who want to learn more about science.

This podcast explores science, technology, and innovation with experts from all over the world. They have episodes about everything from space exploration to robotics. The hosts keep things light-hearted and funny, but they also cover some serious topics like climate change and biodiversity.

Each episode features a theme such as animals or space. Kids will learn about different species of animals and how they work together in ecosystems or why we need to protect certain species from extinction. The program also offers great information about space travel and what it would be like to live on another planet.


  1. The Sesame Street Podcast With Foley and Friends


The Sesame Street podcast with Foley and Friends is a great resource for parents to enjoy with their children. It is an entertaining way for kids to learn about the world around them, while also being able to enjoy some fun stories and songs. The show features a variety of different characters from the show, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and more.

This is a great one to start with. Each episode features different characters from Sesame Street, and they talk about what they like to do and the topics that interest them. Kids will learn about different cultures, animals, sports, holidays, and more.


  1. Story Nory

Story Nory is a podcast for kids that tells stories based on classic fairy tales. It brings audio stories suitable for a family on a road trip. The audios are beautifully read with lots of sophistication. Each episode features a new story, with some episodes being based on well-known fairy tales while others are original creations. Stories are told in a fun and imaginative way, with lots of sound effects and music to keep young listeners engaged.

The show also has an interactive element where listeners can send in audio recordings of their own stories, which then get played on future episodes as part of the show's segment. This helps encourage kids to try their hand at storytelling themselves and encourages them to think about how they can use their creativity to make something fun for others to enjoy


  1. Tumble: Science Podcast For Kids

Tumble is one of the best podcasts for kids and their parents. It’s full of fun facts, experiments, and interesting interviews with scientists. It’s a great way to learn more about the world around us. If you want to expose your kids to science, this is one of the best options out there.

Tumble covers everything from physical science to biology and chemistry. The hosts are Lindsay and Marshal, two scientists who explain concepts in an easy-to-understand way without talking down to kids. The episodes are short enough so that kids won’t get bored during a long drive but still packed full of information.

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  1. The Short and Curly


Short and Curly is a fun-filled podcast for kids and parents whether they are enjoying their time at home or cruising on a road trip. The podcast is themed around ideas and questions that get kids thinking. The hosts have an infectious sense of humor and their conversations can be both informative and thought-provoking. They are also great storytellers who have a knack for making even the most mundane topics seem interesting.

Short and Curly is one of those family podcasts that can make you laugh out loud in one moment and then have you thinking deeply about life in another. This podcast is great if you are looking for something new that will keep your kids engaged while on your road trip.


  1. Ear Snacks


Ear snack is one of the top 10 fiction podcasts. This is a musical podcast with a free interactive experience for kids around the world. It is centered around children’s ideas and voices through storytelling and fun learning. The faces behind this podcast are a couple duo with the technical know-how for what kids love and enjoy in their leisure or on a family road trip to the countryside. They have featured in some Nickelodeon shows, so there is no doubt about their ability to create great content for kids.

Their monthly episodes are a combination of fairytales and funky music to provide long-lasting entertainment for hours spent on the road. Each of their episodes lasts an average of 15-20 minutes, and it is anchored by Andrew and Polly who select a theme to develop it around. A few of those themes are famous hats, fruit, shadows, etc.


  1. But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids

But Why? Is a podcast for curious kids and the people who love them. Each episode features a different kid who asks a question, like “Why do birds sing?” or “How do planes fly?” these questions are attempted by professionals, experts, and special guests in the fields of science.

This podcast is made to especially revolve around the kids in catering to their curious minds. All they have to do is ask the questions, no matter the nature and the answers will be provided to them. Questions can be posed directly on the show by kids or the adults around can use their smartphones to record the kids’ questions and send them over. All they have to do is include the kid’s first name, town, and age, and then send the audio via email to


  1. What If World


Children have the most inquisitive minds. They ask questions about anything their young mind cannot grasp. It can make a family trip on the road seem dull by having kids asking questions you don’t have answers to. This is what this podcast does for you, it takes the stress of having to deal with that away from you so you can focus your maximum concentration on the road and safely deliver your family to your destination.

 This podcast is all about asking "what if" questions and then answering them with science and history. The host, Mr. Eric O’Keefe takes on a lot of questions and twists them into a fun story for kids that will keep even younger kids interested. No question is considered too silly to take and responses are delivered to all.


The top 10 toddler podcasts for kindergarten kids are an excellent resource for any parent or teacher of children. The podcasts for 10-year-olds and below, listed above will provide some amazing entertainment to your little ones, in addition to educational value. If you aren't sure about how best to entertain your children with educational content, consider checking out one of the story podcasts for adults and children listed above, they are the true kids’ show.

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