Camping in the Rain: Why You Need Campower 700

Camping in the Rain: Why You Need Campower 700

Camping in the Rain: Why You Need Campower 700

When choosing the date for camping, one of your first instincts is to check the forecast for days with suitable weather conditions. However, does this mean you have to cancel camping during winter?  No, you just have to ensure that you are fully prepared for the cold, rain, and all that comes with winter.


Among other things, the need for a solar-powered generator is emphasized for camping activities. When camping in the rain or during winter, a solar-powered generator becomes much more critical to have a comfortable stay during your camping time.

What is Campower 700?

Campower 700 is a portable solar-powered generator suitable for camping activities and RV traveling. It uses the LiFePO4 battery, which is suitable for any weather condition as it can resist temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and works in the rain. The battery also offers 2500+ charge cycles, which last longer than other batteries. It is a durable and sustainable form of energy.

Why You Need a Campower 700 for camping in the Rain.

While camping, a portable generator should be on your checklist of things to go with, but why should you go with the campower 700 while camping in the rain?

1. Backup Power Source

It does not matter if there is a power supply source in the camping ground; you still have to go with a portable backup power source. It is essential to avoid being left in the dark when the power supply goes off.  It is more critical when camping in the rain because the weather can affect the power supply unexpectedly.

2. Works in the Rain

Acevolt Campower 700 works well in all weather conditions; it works well in cold, rain, and extreme heat. You do not have to worry that it will go off in the rain or get damaged if it gets wet. Campower 700 is also safe to operate in the rain and snow without any adverse side effects on the engines.

3. Lasts long

Acevolt campower 700 uses LiFePO4 battery which efficiently converts solar power and last long. So, it does not matter if the sun does not shine as bright as usual; campower 700 will still be efficient enough to charge fast and save power for usage.


4. Little Maintenance

The portable generator does not have mechanical parts that will require maintenance. Throughout your camping activities, you do not have to worry about maintaining it, whether due to the weather condition or regular maintenance. So, while worrying about keeping the tent up and staying away from the rain, the solar power keeps working without any issues.

5. Portable

When camping in winter or during the rainy season, you will have to pack more items which will be heavier luggage. By this time, a portable solar generator comes in handy as you do not have to worry about not having enough space.

Other Tips for Camping in the Rain


After packing your campower 700 for camping during the rainy season, other tips will come in handy to make your time in the camp comfortable.

1. Know the Weather

Even though you are going during the rainy period, it is still important that you know the weather conditions well so that you do not get stuck in extreme weather conditions. Check out weather predictions that will predict the rain and wind. You should go when the weather is fairly favorable because rain accompanied by strong wind can be dangerous.

2. Get a Waterproof Tent

Though many tent manufacturers claim the tents are waterproof, it is best to confirm, so you are not stranded in the rain. You should choose a double-layered tent so it can withstand strong winds and heavy rains. Also, you should have extra waterproof products because you can not rely entirely on the waterproof tent.


In case of leakages, seam sealers and other waterproof protections will ensure you are fully covered.

3. Invest in a rain tarp

You can never be too careful while camping in the rain. Despite getting your waterproof double-layered tent, you can get a rain tarp. The rain tarp protects you when lots of wind accompanies heavy rain. No matter the rain's angle, your tent will remain stone dry.


And when going with a rain tarp, go with extras because they come in handy in protecting other items. The tarp serves as a form of protection for your clothes and food. So, when you want to dry your clothes and cook your food, you will have a rainproof area for it.



4. Choose a good camping location.

Just because you are going with all your camping essentials does not mean you can choose any location. Trees are good windbreakers and can offer limited protection from the rain. So, you should consider going to camping grounds with enough trees.


At the same time, you should avoid places surrounded by bushes. Bush with rain does not go well for your comfort, so despite having trees, avoid surrounding bushes. Then, if you can, avoid muddy areas which can cause falls and stains while walking.

5. Get an extra layer of protection.

Once you are protected from overhead, you should get protection from beneath. The ground is wet and cold; you will have an extra layer to protect yourself from it. The extra layer will be insulation from the cold ground, as sleeping on the cold ground can prevent you from sleeping comfortably.


Get an elevated sleeping cot, extra blanket, or extra clothing to keep you warm during the day and throughout the night.

6. Go with Waterproof Clothing

Even though you are camping, you will not stay in the camp tent throughout your stay. You must ensure you are protected from the rain and wind outside when going out. You also have to prevent coming back drenched and pack enough waterproof clothing.


If you can keep the base layers dry, you do not have to pack too many clothes. So, go along with the essentials and ensure they are waterproof.



7. Ensure your firewood stays dry


One of the most annoying things you can encounter while camping is to have wet firewoods. It gets more annoying because the rain means you might not get any dry woods around. So, if you are with a car, you can keep the firewood under the car. Another alternative is keeping them under the rain tarp.


Then when it is no longer raining, you can get dry and warm by lighting the firewood.

8. Get a welcome mat or rug.

You do not want fellow campers getting the tent wet and muddy after spending the day out. Get a rug for the tent entry where they can wipe off their shoes before entering the tent. This prevents you from spending your whole caping time in the dirt, mud, and wet-cloth stink.

9. Get protection for your electronics.

Do not get carried away protecting yourself so that you forget your electronics. The best protection for your electronics is ziplock bags. The ziplock bags protect your electronics from water, sand, and mud. Ensure you take along enough ziplock bags to last you throughout.

10. Do not forget to light up.

A terrible way to deal with the rain is to do so in the dark. So, ensure you get a portable and efficient solar-powered generator to keep the campsite lit up throughout the trip.




Camping is fun, but you have to eliminate all obstacles that can come up due to the weather, unexpected circumstances, and inadequate preparation. If you are camping in the rain, ensure you have all necessary amenities, including your Acevolt Campower 700.

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