Van Life Guide Everything You Need to Know

Van Life Guide 101: Everything You Need to Know

Having a house and vehicle in one place is just about the most amazing trend now. It isn't just affordable; it is loaded with an adventure that cannot be exhausted in a moment. This article would take into the world of Van life; what van life is, its benefits, disadvantages, how to build your Van home, and many others.

  • What Is Van Life?

Van life is a rustic form of living. It is a defiance of the norm and realities of life for a more minimal way of living. Simply put, it is living in a van. Beyond its physical extremities, Van's life is a responsibility. An individual is putting aside what is normal on this side of the divide to go after his own beliefs—taking actions that connect him to himself. It is a minimalist approach to living life.

A Vanlifer, on the other hand, is a person or people who believe in nomadic living, expressing
themselves not only in words but in actions. They are not limited by space, time, and resources. A major part of the time, they are on the move, moving from city to city, meeting new people, and exploring the world around them. If camping is your thing, the van life is for you. However, before jumping on the trend, it is necessary to consider the pros and cons of Vanlife and which outweighs the other in your case.

  • Is Van Life Legal?

The question as to whether it is legal is only answerable considering the locality you find yourself and the government. There is no binding rule that backs the illegality or legality of the Van life as long as you are not intruding on people's space, driving under the influence, or without a license. You would do just fine.

What is Van Life
  • Van Life Pros

1. Adventure: Choosing to live in a van either partially or entirely is a major move that only men and women who are risk takers can undertake. You live life on the road. You really cannot tell what to expect. You live life as it comes. This feeling, of course, is what makes the van life adventurous.

2. Flexibility: Van life would give you the liberty to be where you want per time. You are not limited by a lease or mortgage when it comes to van living. You are free to move as you want, having everything with you at all times. You can have your house with you at work, at the mall, in school, etc., the decision to visit a friend in another city can be as quick as a thought. No worries about airport queues.

3. Cost-Effective: apart from the cost of fueling and furnishing the Van, living in a van is a more cheap and minimal option than owning a house. These days, there has been a hike in housing costs, and many live their entire lives paying out mortgage, rent, and utility bills. Van living would help you save more. You can invest the money saved in a dream business, start a retirement plan or even get married if you are yet to.

It is important to note that the decision to save is a deliberate decision that you make. If you are not frugal with spending, you can spend much more than you would be living in an apartment.

  • Van Life Cons

Having a home on wheels has its many benefits yet, it isn't without its disadvantages and challenges.

1. Size: No matter the size of the Van, the space can never be enough or compared to that which you have in a normal house. Most times, living in a van can be clumsy, no matter how organized you are. If you don't properly secure your belongings, you can have a spill when you hit a bump in the road. In other words, living in a van can be limiting.

2. Mental Health: Overtime, it has been proven that being cramped up in a small space can lead to depression. Some Van lifers have come out to say that the fear of cops closing in on them or even sudden murder attacks by murderers have led them to live in anxiety for a while. In this case, we recommend you go camping, which helps in anxiety

3. Discomfort: Irrespective of how fun van living might sound, one challenge that you could face is discomfort. This may be due to the limited space within the Van or searching for the best place to camp. It could also come as a result of a lack of cell service when you are out of coverage area. Other causes are where to relieve yourself, take a bath, or a bug infestation.

4. Fear: The fear of the unknown is a constant with van living. You cannot be precise as to the next happening, who you are going to meet with, nor what to expect in your next destination. To solve this challenge, ensure that you read up and prepare yourself for the unexpected. This would require you to think ahead and have a strategy. Here we have prepared some essential safety tips for solo campers.

 van life essential tips

  • Van Life Essentials

The demands of the nomadic life make it necessary to be prepared as you set out. Sometimes, you would find yourself in areas where the grocery store might be a distance away from your campsite. Hence, you must stock up on supplies for about two weeks at least. Or just enough to sustain you till the next move. Below is a list of must-have van life essentials; what you must have to make life easier for you. As a beginner, you must have these basics;

1. Van Life Security Essentials

I. Alarm System: adding an alarm system to your Van would help your alertness. It would go off as soon as it is triggered by an intruder.

II. GPS Tracker: One of the ways to prepare for the uncertainty that nomadic living can bring you is to have a GPS tracking device in your Van. Losing your Van can be depressing. The device would help you keep tabs on your Van at all times.

III. A Safebox: This is to keep your valuable items safely tucked and out of prying eyes. With a passcode known to you alone, you can be rest assured that nothing could go missing when you are away skiing or sightseeing.

IV. Fire Extinguisher: this might occur anytime soon. "Live ready," says the boy's scout mantra. Possessing an extinguisher would help to put out fire emergencies that can get out of control if not curtailed. Also, ensuring your Van is insured is a worthy consideration.

V. Car Kits: Don't be caught off guard when your Van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. When you are far away from the city with no mechanic insight, you want to have the kit to get your Van roaring with life again. However, you shouldn't just own these kits; take time to learn how to use them beforehand.

    2. Van Life Gear Essentials

      I. Solar Power Panel: this would help you keep up with normal life even when you are out of the grid area. Solar panels would ensure that your gadgets are powered even when your Van is not running.

      II. Portable Power stations: In seasons when the sun is not high up, your portable power station would keep you going. This AceVolt portable power station is the best choice for campers that you should consider.

      III. Back up Battery: Have a backup for your phones and your external power source. It is very necessary for an off-grid power setup. Acevolt Campower 700 portable Power Station is the safest LiFePO4 backup battery with 2500+charge cycles and five times product lifetime

      IV. A Torchlight/ Led Lights: this right here is very important. If every other source fails or you need to preserve them, you can trust your torchlight to come in handy. You can get rechargeable torches or battery-enabled ones. Just ensure you a stack of spare batteries if you are considering the latter. When choosing lights, go for dimmable lights to help set the atmosphere as your mood desires.

      V. Cell phone Car Mount: Living in a van calls for dire safety measures. Using this cell phone mount, you don't have to be distracted driving as you reach out for your phone.

      VI. Portable Speaker: owning a Bluetooth speaker is essential to help you listen to music by sitting by the fireside or lying down overlooking a scenic view.

        Van Life Gear Essentials

        3. Van Life Bathroom Essentials

          I. Portable Travel Toilet: You do not have to go digging up holes in the ground to answer nature's call. This portable travel toilet is affordable and perfect. It is a guarantee for your comfort as you live life on the road. Fill with water and dispose of after a few days.  

          II. Hand Vacuum: Essential to keep your floor and beds clean on muddy days or tabletops after a Kitchen mess.

          III. Laundry Bags: Keep dirty clothes out of the way by storing them in a laundry bag until you get them washed.

            van life kitchen essential

            4. Van Life Kitchen Essential

            • Tableware set
            • Pots
            • Cutting board
            • Camping stove
            • Coffee Maker
            • Flasks


            In conclusion, you should note that van life isn't as easy as you see on the pages of Instagram. It takes a whole lot of effort and commitment to nomad living to make it work just like anything else.

            AceVolt was created to help campers enjoy outdoor adventures. Its products are eco-friendly and safe. Its large capacity provides you with inexhaustible power!

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