Backyard Camping Tips For Camping with family At Home

Backyard Camping: Tips For Camping At Home

It's no secret that camping is a variety of fun for families – from sleeping under the stars to making sweet dishes and telling stories around the fire. It is all an exciting journey. Likewise, camping is a superb opportunity for bonding moments among families while spending time outdoors. According to research, outdoor camping can help boost your metabolism and brain. 

Everyone deserves a break away from the hustle and bustle and head out into nature. However, camping at a campsite can be overwhelming in terms of expenses. Aside from the stress of finding a perfect camping spot, traveling far away to enjoy time with family can be pretty tiring. Instead, go camping with your family in your backyard. Backyard camping offers all fun related to camping without you breaking the bank. 

Backyard Camping Tips For Camping with friends

What is backyard camping?

Backyard camping is camping in your backyard. It's about the novelty of sleeping outside while enjoying full access to your house. A backyard campout can be an excellent option for a family or a group of friends looking for a new experience with the perks of a weekend getaway. 

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a former camper, the benefits of setting up your tent for a night or two in your garden or backyard are invaluable. A few benefits are attached to a campout in your backyard.

Benefits of backyard camping

Proximity to home: A significant advantage of backyard camping is the closeness to your home. You can enjoy the full benefits of a stocked fridge, kitchen equipment, and plumbing. Having a close bathroom is preferable, especially when children are a part of your campers.

A testing ground: Going on a backyard campout can help before the traditional camping experience for the first-time or one-time campers. It would help test and teach camping abilities like teamwork.

Budget-friendly: Backyard camping is a less expensive option than the usual camping trip in terms of finances. You don't have to purchase all the camping essentials to enjoy camping in your yard.

Security: There's no place like home. You will feel safer in a familiar neighborhood than in a strange area. Your kids won't have to worry about encountering wildlife during the camping experience.

Strengthening social connections and relationships: Family camping trips are great chances for bonding between parents and children, siblings and friends. Time together without distractions helps foster deeper relationships.

Backyard Camping: Tips For Camping with family

How to have a backyard campout

Do you wonder how to camp in your backyard? Don't fret! Backyard camping is simple and doesn't require a lot of planning. It is close to your home, a great introduction, non-threatening and fun. When setting up your campsite in your backyard, you do not need a ton of space but a designated area for eating and cooking, sleeping, and activities. Look through these questions when setting up your tent. 

  • How close or far is the campfire from my tent?

  • Where will the smoke go after setting up your campfire?

  • What's the view from your tent?

  • Is there space for an extension lead for more decorations?

  • Is there space for games?

      To camp right in your backyard, you need to plan it like a good camping trip. Be a part of the planning process to know what you need to prepare. Plan your menu, research new recipes, get the right groceries in, sharpen your knives, and gather firewood. Start in the daytime and get a fire burning. Cook your meal while enjoying engaging activities. To make your campout, a mind-blowing experience, below is a backyard camping checklist you would need to tick to avoid your return home.

      backyard camping checklist

      A backyard camping tent: The great thing about sleeping outside in your backyard versus a traditional campsite is it has less wildlife which makes your sleeping options broader. Kids would be happy with whatever option as they are already excited about the decision to sleep outside.  What's more, it is an excellent chance to teach your kids some outdoor skills. Here is an article about camping skills to teach your child. 

        Meanwhile, it is still a good idea to spray your tent's location to keep away ticks and mosquitoes. For the type of tent to use, any kind will do. Tents come in various sizes, rooms, and setup options. If you don't have a tent, don't fret. A sleeping hammock or bag can work since the home is close.

        Lights: Simple string lights give your backyard camping a distinctive look. You can hang strands of lights from four poles and hang them inside your backyard tent.

        Camp chairs and dining tables: While some people might love the feel of sitting on a log of wood while camping, the right camp chair makes it fun and more comfortable. Camp chairs are light and portable and yet offer back support. Foldable dining tables are an added advantage as it provides families and friends a perfect sport to dine, laugh and converse.

        Fire: A campfire will enhance any camping experience. Therefore, bringing along the needed campfire essentials would help create an ideal one. Keep the fire small and always have an adult tend to the fire to avoid breakouts. To keep your fire contained, a sturdy flagstone will keep the family warm and safe. Cooking and making a campfire dessert treat, including s'mores, is a great way to enjoy your campfire.

        Food and water: Any camping adventure would not be complete without food and water. The exciting part about backyard camping is you don't have to pack up all the food and haul it to your campsite. Most food can be made indoors and brought to the campsite. Simple campout food ideas like hotdogs and pizza will taste better when outdoors. For a refreshing outdoor beverage, a cocktail will do.

        Cooking essentials: To make good food, you would need some equipment to avoid going back and forth from the house to your backyard campsite. The kit includes camp stoves, camping pots, a cook set, cooler, plastic cups, wash-up bowls, and matches.

        Comfortable clothes and footwear: Since the trip would be out in the cold, putting on lightweight yet cozy pullovers would keep you warm. In addition, adding soft and warm shoes or footwear would help you enjoy the backyard camping experience better.

        Insect repellent: Few things like intruding mosquitoes can take out all the fun during a camping trip. To stay safe, owning insect repellents can help keep the environment safe during the outdoor experience.

        An off-grid solar system like AceVolt: If you need a little extra power for keeping multiple gadgets charged and functioning, add the AceVolt cam power 700 to your backyard collection. With its fast-charging USB ports, you can charge multiple smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Also, the power supply features outstanding LED lighting for use at night.

        Some activities or games: Since the campsite belongs to you, you can play as many games as you want. If you think there's a possible chance your fellow campers might get bored, you can start up activities to engage everyone. 

        Backyard Camping ideas

        Backyard Camping ideas 

        Many of these ideas for camping in your backyard are geared towards entertaining and educating. They are engaging activities that help bring groups or families close. 

        • Venture on a scavenger hunt. 

          This activity engages the development of your fellow campers' sensory organs and motor skills. Since the camping experience would be in your backyard, there is more freedom to explore your environment. A scavenger hunt aims to discover and find things using all five senses.

          • Read books using flashlights or tell campfire stories.

          This camping activity entertains and brings all campers together. You can gather your family or friends together around a firepit and tell old tales or read ancient stories. Most times, this activity is fun for young children. Encourage the children to make up their own stories.

          • Enjoy stargazing

          Do you wonder and ponder on what activity would be perfect at night? The fun doesn't have to end once it is night. Try star gazing. Since you will spend a night or more under the stars in your backyard, lay down blankets and spot the stars as they become visible.

          • Play backyard bingo

          Create outdoor bingo cards from the internet. Engage your family or friends by making them travel or look around the yard for objects or words on the cards. The first camper or group to get all items wins a prize. If you have children amongst your campers, the game can be adjusted with pictures in place.

          • Sing campfire songs

          A musical instrument like a recorder or guitar can turn any campfire into a choir of outdoor enthusiasts. You can take the opportunity to teach new songs or engage the family in creating new tunes.

          Tips for backyard camping with family

          Tips for backyard camping

          Even though backyard camping features little to no planning, it is attractive because this type of camping happens literally in your backyard. To incorporate the ideal camping experience, here are some things to do while camping.

          1. Get rid of technology and electronics. Engaging with technology makes it harder for kids to believe in the experience's authenticity.

          2. Ensure you do everything that regular campers do. For instance, if you are setting up a campfire, make sure everyone, even your kids, is a part of the process.

          3. Backyard camping is an opportunity to teach the order in the kitchen, from handling food to packing and eating.

          4. Practice setting up your tent or fire before making it a group engagement. If you have no idea as the team leader, it might become tiring for everyone who has no idea.

          5. Spend more time in your sleeping bags than in comfortable beddings, for this is the true nature of traditional camping.

          6. Always keep your children at least 20 feet away from the fire pit.

          7. Make sure not to bring fire-lit or candles into the tents.

          8. Try a neighborhood hike.

          9. Know the local laws. While backyard camping might be technically legal in your state, you will most likely be safe from trouble.


            Backyard camping is a bundle of fun as it provides recreational opportunities and connections. It can also be a great way to learn new skills at your convenience using a power station such as AceVolt. While exploring the great outdoors, it is vital to speculate about our places in the world and our futures.

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