Prepare An Acevolt 700W LiFePo4 portable power station for a winter outage

How To Prepare For Winter Power Outage

Electric power is a life amenity because it helps folks to do almost everything. Like a nationwide pandemic, a power outage is a scourge that is unpredictable and just as erratic as the harsh weather which causes them. However,  to forecast a blackout in your locality and prepare adequately for such eventuality, it is nice for one to mitigate the things which lead to it. 

Updated: The most severe tornado cross parts of the central and southern United States in December 12, 2021. More than 400,000 homes lost power across eight states in the South and Midwest, including more than 130,000 in Tennessee and more than 60,000 in Kentucky, according to

Causes of power outage

During winter,  snowflakes on the treetops weigh down the branches. This causes the breaking of power lines when they fall.  A massive Northern wind is also a power scare.  One rush of such force could snap wires and if it’s a blizzard. The results could be an outage that could last out a couple of days. Hence, for those out prepping in the cold woods, Acevolt presents the best brand of camping portable power station

Due to adverse weather conditions, motorists who travel on slippery roads could skid on them and collide with electric poles, leading to loss of electricity. Here is a guide to get electricity while camping. Meteorological reports usually provide weather warnings. These warnings, in turn, provide some cues on how long a power outage would fester in a city. 

Though not prone to low temperatures, Texas recently had a snowstorm that resulted in the disruptions of the power system that all 254 counties of the state were put on a state of emergency. This was done to help power plants to produce more electricity to cushion the effect of the blackouts. Similar cases of weather-caused power outages occurred in California, Alabama, and New York.

Tips For Solving Power Outage - AceVolt Campower

Tips For Solving Power Outage Problems

Power outages resulting from a break in power surge cause a lot of problems: no internet connection( not a source of worry for camping folks); foods go bad. HVAC issues, water troubles, and electronic breakdown, not to forget those on life supports in our hospitals. These things work on loads of electric power. To solve your little power outage problems;

  • Simply stay warm. Keep yourself huddled under extra sheets and blankets. Never wear snow-drenched clothes. Keep doors and windows closed, and use pieces of cloth to block drafts that may trickle in. If possible, move to your basement, which may be warmer.
  • Keep your food cold by using ice and snow from the outdoors until it starts to thaw. Always have a bag of ice cubes in the freezer in case you wish to be away for a long while. A bag of ice cubes is easy to the repo when it’s liquid. So the food wouldn’t be spoiled.
  • Avoid carbon poisoning. You will be forced to be au’ natural as the radiators won’t be in operation. Thus, the fireplace is likely to be on full throttle all night. Have your fireplace and chimney thoroughly cleaned before using. Avoid gas generators; camping stoves should be used outdoors and not for warming your home.
  • Prevent collateral damages. Shut off appliances and electronics to avoid a massive power surge. Clear walkways and avoid wastage of light energy. Excess use of lamps and fires is not economical and not eco-friendly.

Ensure no clash of wills in maximizing options during a power outage; many folks lack orientation in figuring out where and how to use power alternatives. There is a portable power station, and for every warming process in a camp during winter, there is also a camping portable power station. And for that, as well, there is the Acevolt campower.

What To Do Before Power Outages - AceVolt Campower

What To Do Before Power Outages

  1. Heat up your home

Since you have limited ways of heating your home, it is imperative to create as much heat in your home as possible. You can prepare for winter-induced power outages by adding insulated paddings to your doors and window frames, your attic, and your walls to prevent drafts. This helps your house retain warmth without heat or electricity.

  1. Make out warm clothing

It is humane to worry about avoiding freezing yourself to death when the power goes out in winter. Wearing several layers of clothes is a great way to retain your body heat for successful preparation of winter blackouts; set aside warm clothes. Ensure accessories like hats, mittens, gloves, warm socks, sweaters, coats, and boots.

  1. Make your own power

What do you do if the lights go out?. Whine and cry all day?. Be smart by making electric power seem like a secondary alternative. It’s all about priorities. Blackouts shouldn’t affect your visibility.  You’ll need flashlights or LED lanterns to see at night. Battery-powered radios could keep you informed about emergency efforts in your precinct. Ensure you’ve got all the batteries to power your electric winter storm necessities.

When preparing for a winter-induced power outage, Remember to protect your appliances from damage by unplugging all the appliances and electronics in your house if you don’t want to unplug everything.

  1. Get a portable power station

Whether you like it or not, the hunger for a smart, most efficient way of producing power will always supersede other alternatives. Having a portable power station either for camp or at home during a winter power outage can make your life much easier.

Most camping portable power stations are either solar-charged or electrically charged. Suppose you fully charged the battery before a forecasted snow storm event. In that case, a portable power station could give you hours of electricity to run a mini refrigerator or a microwave out in the woods.

How To Pick The Best Portable Power Station - AceVolt 700 Campower

How to pick the best portable power station

  • Versatility: Every portable power station should do great in providing all-around power for outdoor activities like toaster ovens and power tools.  It has no restrictive power inputs except for loads that are higher than its outputs. The Acevolt 700W LiFePo4 portable power station guarantees such quality.
  • Flexibility and Portability: Portable power station for camping should be easy to take anywhere it’s needed. It should be able to charge multiple smaller devices like laptops and phones for several hours. It should also be adaptable to provide useful support for business people who travel regularly or for campground use.
  • Power Output: The best portable power station will give estimates of the load wattage and how many devices would be using the power station conveniently. It even tells how long a mini-fridge would run before shutdown. 
  • Cost: Portable power stations should be a low-cost, low-budget item. Take time to access your power needs before going camping because the best camping portable power stations are not necessarily the most expensive.
  • Ease of charge: The best portable power station is liable to run down.  The manner and speed of recharge have a big impact on the utility and the convenience. Usually, it is plugged into a standard outlet to ensure it reaches full charge.
  • Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate batteries(LiFePO4 or LFP) are now in vogue. The AceVolt LiFePo4 Battery should have a battery life span of at least ten years (twice that of lithium-ion) and optimum recharge time. They are also non-toxic, eco-friendly.

With the best camping portable power stations, you can get to use electricity whenever and wherever you need it. Unlike portable generators, they don’t need gasoline. They run with zero noise. Smaller models could fit in a backpack and provide a charge for computer devices and other electronics.

Preparing for the days of intense power outages would guard against wastage, loss of resources, and time. All these accompany electricity. It is the surest way to expect what isn’t supposed to be expected. You are confident and assured that your heat and time are still retained. It doesn’t really matter how long these occurrences happen, but if you follow the process of preparations. It would see you living through the disaster unscathed. 

As you make your plans for camping this winter period, don’t do without Acevolt campower. For the lighting of your tent, electric barbecue grills, and refrigerator, Acevolt’s leading innovation is the firepower your camping needs to be a great one.

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