How to Get Electricity while Camping with acevolt campower 700

How to Get Electricity while Camping

Once in a while, everyone gets that feeling of living the confines of four walls and plunging into wild adventures outdoors. This is why we go camping every now and then, because, let's face it, restricting your movement to home and work for too long can become boring. Yet, even when we camp outdoors, we do not totally want to lose the feel and comfortability of being at home. This is why camping with electricity is very important even though you think you are only under a tent.

A camping power supply is not only crucial for illumination. No one wants to be cut off from the world while miles away from home and work. Therefore, we need our devices charged, so we don't miss out on a single thing although we are away. What is more, we love to capture the beautiful movements we have camping, and that can be done either through our phones or digital cameras. All of these devices and many more need to be charged, or a proposed beautiful camping experience might turn out sore and boring.

How to Get Electricity while Camping

This article has outlined various ways you can get an effective power source for your camping. The most preferred power sources for outdoor sake are small or medium-sized devices that are easy to transport and will not put an extra burden on you when parking. A portable power supply for camping comes in various forms. As we explain each type, you will be able to figure which you most prefer for your next camping experience.

Gas portable generator for camping to get electricity

Gas Generator

In the good old days, gas generators were the best options for obtaining an efficient power supply for camping. These days, however, their use has diminished for many reasons. One, they are pretty heavy to carry. Also, they are being banned by most campgrounds because of the dangerous combustion fumes they emit. Lastly, gas generators produce noise that could affect the serenity of the environment and the convenience of other campers.

Let's face it, however, gas generators provide enough power that will adequately power all your devices. So long as you have enough fuel and the generator is in good condition, you will hardly have any issues using one. A gas generator makes a great choice if you are going camping in a more remote environment like the wilderness and you need a quality power supply that can power many devices.

Thermoelectric Generator for camping to get eletricity

Thermoelectric Generator

Talk about multitasking appliances, thermoelectric generators are part of them. They are designed to cook food and also generate electricity at the same time. However, the power supply generated from a thermoelectric generator is only enough to power small devices like phones and LED lights.

If you are on solo camping for only one or two days, you could make a thermoelectric generator of your choice. That way, you will not have to bother about carrying extra cooking appliances like a gas cooker or wood stove.

Pedal Generator for camping to get electricity

Pedal Generator

A funny innovation that provides electricity, all the same, pedal generators have proved effective for providing power when camping. They are portable to carry and can power up to two devices such as tablets and phones at a time. You may even be able to recharge a 12-volt car battery with it. For easy usage, the pedal generator needs to be clamped on one spot. How much power you have in your devices depends on how long you can pedal what looks like a conventional bicycle. In our opinion, the pedal generator makes a great backup camping power source.

On a lighter mode, we think using a pedal generator is an excellent way to exercise when camping, especially when hiking is not on your list of activities. After all, they run on your calories. What do you think?

Car Battery for camping to get electricity

Car Battery

We do not often recommend this, but yes, your car battery may be able to charge your devices when you need urgent power. Usually, car batteries recharge themselves when they are being used. So after a long ride, you should expect your car battery to be laden with enough power to charge small appliances. However, you may need an inverter, as the power coming from the battery may be too great that it burns your devices.

Another thing when using car batteries, you should never drain them, or your vehicle will not start when you next need a ride.

Battery Packs to get electricity while camping

Battery Packs

Battery packs are usually made from lithium-ion batteries and serve as power reserves for recharging devices later. Camping battery packs are everywhere and are the trendiest power source used for recharging devices when camping. Battery packs come in various capacities, from those that will only charge LED lights to those that can fully charge your laptop. One of the biggest benefits of using battery packs is that they are very easy to include in your luggage.
You can find portable batteries for camping in electrical and phone appliances shops around you. Depending on your needs, you can get battery packs with a capacity as small as a few thousand mAh to a hundred Ah.

use Solar generator to get electricity while camping

Solar Generated Power

Aiming to camp during summer? Have you considered getting a solar-generated camping power source? Solar power sources are one-time investments that can continue serving you as long as the sun shines up in the sky. The only pain about solar power sources is finding the perfect place to place them to contact sun rays.
Solar chargers come in different sizes, and you can get one big enough to charge your vehicle's battery, illuminate your tent, and also charge your smaller devices. However, if you are camping in a place filled with shady trees, solar-generated power sources may not work for you.

use Wind or Water Turbine to get electricity while camping

Wind or Water Turbine

Like solar chargers, wind or water turbines that generate power are a one-time investment. And they may even serve you better than a solar source, depending on where and when you are camping. When camping by a flowing water source, the turbine comes in handy. And even if there is no water source, you can simply hang the power generator on a tree, so it harnesses wind energy and converts it to electricity.

How to Choose Camping Power Supply Source

Knowing the different options you have where providing a power source for your camping is essential. You need to decide which you would take along with you. While you are making preparations for other camp items, it is vital that you do not leave your camping power source behind as not including that in your plans early enough may lead you to a wrong choice, or you could forget about packing them altogether.
  • Consider Safety First

Safety is paramount when you are miles away from home in a strange location. Therefore, when choosing camping power supplies, opt for those that will provide you with maximum safety. Suppose you are using electricity supplied by generators or outsourcing from the camp's main power supply. In that case, you should keep your area waterproof as much as possible. Winter periods and rainy days leave the camp always wet, so you might need to consider safer camping power supply options like portable batteries.

Sometimes, all you need to get are waterproof connector lines and damp-proof sockets for ensuring a safe connection.

  • Convenience

Camping naturally comes with lots of luggage to pack, especially when you are out with friends or family. Figure out which camping power supply will be most convenient for you (and your camp partners) to carry about and opt for those ones.

  • Budget

Of course, you will work on a budget – except you are ready to spend much on generators and batteries to the detriment of sumptuous picnic means and quality camp tents.

Note that you can have more than one camping power source with you when moving. In fact, we recommend you do this, especially when your stay outdoors will be extended for many days. For example, you can get a portable camping battery pack alongside a pedal generator.


Obviously, there are several options for providing power when camping. You only need to determine which ones will be most effective for you. There are pros and cons attached to each power source. However, portable camping battery packs are quite common today for their affordability, convenience, and effectiveness at carrying out the job.

The choice is still left to you, though. But whatever choice you make and in all your planning, always remember: camping without electricity is like cooking your favorite meal without spices or seasoning.

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