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Camping with Kids: How, Why, and Where

These days, the busyness of work and the many activities we engage in might not allow us to parent our kids as we desire, and that is to spend adequate time with them, giving them the full attention they deserve.

Yet, as Parents, we must take responsibility to create time to spend with them. It has become a child to how through life without proper guidance is detrimental to them and their well-being and even the society at large. Take time to know the friends they mingle with, how well they are faring, and the influences they succumb to. You sure don't want to wake up and realize that they are grown, and you were not a part of the process.

Camping with your children Is an activity that you can explore to have quality time with your kids; have Fun and play in the long run fostering strong family bonds. 

campsites for camping with kids

In this 3-part article, we will be sharing tips that would make your camp experience with the kids seamless and an excellent time for yourself and the kids.

Tips for Camping With Kids

Many think any activity involving children tasking and strenuous we beg to differ. Camping doesn't have to be a challenge if you would consider the steps below;

Plan, Prepare, Plan

One thing that you must note when considering camping with the kids is that they are not you. Things can get a bit clumsy if there isn't a good plan underway before stepping out with the kids. Ensure that you have everything planned, sorted, and organized for accessibility. Know where you put what and how fast to get to it when needed. 

Have a meal plan, sleep plan, even a lol plan if you are tent camping with toddlers or babies. If you had access to the campsite beforehand, you want to familiarize yourself with the terrain before taking the kids out there. In your planning, ensure the kids aren't left out. Hear them out as to what their preferences and dislikes are. 

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Expect the Unexpected 

The outdoors might not be as cozy or fun for the kids as you have imagined. Therefore come with some of their favorite things like their favorite toy or book to pacify them when they get irritated or bored. It would give them something to play with until they get comfortable outdoors. Don't fret or beat yourself; this would only take some time. However, don't come with many items to defeat the purpose of the Camp.

Also, don't expect it to be a sic and span affair; your plan might be turned over, a trip to and fro the bathroom as many times as possible, dirty hair, hands, and feet. See it all as part of the process; deliberately enjoy it. With the proper perspective, you are good to go.

Scan the area

If you are opportune, run a quick survey on the campground and its surroundings earlier before you bring the kids in or immediately you get there. Familiarize yourself with the terrain to spot the danger zones and the most comfortable area to set up your tent. Remember that kids are highly inquisitive, so check the plants and animals and the boundary limits. Don't forget to inform the kids of your findings to avoid emergencies and hospital runs. ( Tip: If your kids are not old enough to tell the difference or defend themselves, Camp close to home).

How does camping develop your kids personality

Check the Weather Forecast

The weather is one crucial factor you should contemplate when camping with kids; it goes a long way in informing other decisions such as what to wear and when to wear them. Is it a rainy season or a sunny day? Depending on what works for and the age grade of your child, you want to ensure that you are camping under the right weather and atmosphere. But no worries, here is a guide to camp in the rain we have prepared for you.

Note that if the weather is too cold for your infant, they might stay awake all night long, and if it is hot, you might have to deal with dehydration and heatstroke. Either extreme would cause your child to be grumpy and whiny. If you must camp in the winter season, ensure to take your portable power generation (check and heater to combat the cold.

Pack the necessary 

As you go camping, the list of what you must take along may seem endless, yet ensure that you pack only the most essential and appropriate items, i.e., layered clothing, food supplies, portable solar panel with outlet, sleeping bag, first aid kit, tent, toys flashlights/headlamps, and extra batteries.

Actively have Fun

There are several things to do while camping with kids, create memories with them by filling the days on Camp with fun activities. If it is anything to go by, children are adventurous, and you should maximize that to have a fun time in Camp. A list of activities that would engage them are hiking, burning marshmallows, building fires, fishing, telling time using the sun, collecting water, and bush walks.

As you go about any of these activities, do not forget that your kids are way different from you in size and age and may not achieve feats as fast as possible. So, have break time for resting along the way. Break times can be used as observation time and learning about nature. Trust me, the benefits of camp life for your kids are inexhaustible, and so is their energy.

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Characteristics Children develop When Camping

1. Independence

Most of the time, parents, because of the love for their children, tend to over pamper, not realizing when they have moved beyond that stage in life. Camping, either personal or with others, helps children learn the art of being independent as they look out for themselves and others, undertake tasks, need to take care of their underwear, and make decisions.

    2. Leadership:

    The ability to lead withers is a life of skill necessary for the optimal growth of any child. Cognitive, emotional, and social skills are essential for the success of our wards in life. As they grow, they are faced with leadership opportunities that they must harness. Handling tasks and assigning roles as a camper are opportunities to develop leadership traits in them.

    3. Self Confidence:

    An applause from others and yourself as their parent go a long way in building their esteem, further boosting their confidence.

      4. Grit:

      In a summer camp, for instance, and without the doting and watchful eyes of their parents, kids can stand up for themselves. Often, what we deem as protection impedes the social and mental growth of our children. Camp life takes them out of their comfort zones, building strength and toughness in them.

        Best campgrounds for family camping

        The idea of embarking on a family trip or vacation to a campground is to have a relaxation experience coupled with the adventure that comes with it; as much as this is true, it is essential to look out for some distinctive features when selecting the location, knowing fully well that it must be inclusive of the whole family. 

        Many families across the world have peculiar things they look out for when embarking on a camping trip; for some, the distance from the typical urban disturbance and stress is a significant consideration as this helps to refresh the mind, while others seek to have an experience of adventure and general sightseeing, many at times some of the locations that offer this kind of experience might not be suitable for kids, therefore making it essential to pick a site that ensures the safety of the non-adults and still ensure that the family has an adventurous experience. 

        camping as a family starting a campfire

        Campsites can be grouped into private and state/ national parks;

        State / national camps: 

        These camps are owned by the government and are appropriately attended to, making them a suitable option for yourself and your family. Financially, they might come cheaper than a privately owned site; however, you might not have the desired privacy due to its affordability. We have prepared the best national parks for family camping

        Private owned camps: 

        Campsites that are privately owned differ slightly from state-owned camps, and here is why, even though they afford you much comfort and privacy, they might tend to be expensive. If you are working with a budget, this might not be a viable option, its essential to consider the availability of this type of Camp as there might not be many of them around compared to the state-owned parks. 

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