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Things To Do While Camping With Friends

What is group camping?

Group camping involves camping by an organized group where more than 10 persons are allowed to camp with only one camping permit. Group camping may feature more than one RV or tent on any single site. Scout groups and other youth groups would enjoy the group camping experience with the right camping spot, space, and surroundings. Camping with friends can never go wrong as there are many activities to engage your friends. 

What is group camping

Have you ever found yourself bored while camping with friends? Are you confused about what to do while camping? There are many things to do while camping. Likewise, it is important to consider the people that are camping with you. If you are camping with a group of adults, they may not be interested in paddling around a pond in a canoe. A more strenuous hike might do the trick. If you have children with you too, it is essential to assess their interests. You don't need everything in the world to stay entertained. 

Fun things to do while camping 

If your campsite is close to a lake, pool, waterfall, or body of water, you can wear your bathing suit and get ready for fun activities such as:

swimming with friends when camping with acevolt campower

    1. - Boating
    2. - Water skiing
    3. - Diving
    4. - Snorkeling
    5. - Water balloon fights
    6. - Swimming 
    7. - Fishing
    8. - Wave runners
    9. - Water volleyball 
    10. - Water basketball

    If you would like to stay active and engage in sports activities during your camping trip, some great ideas to execute include:

      1. - Horseshoes
      2. - Football
      3. - Kickball
      4. - Hiking
      5. - Baseball
      6. - Hide and seek
      7. - Red rover
      8. - Lawn bowling
      9. - Tag 

      watching stars when camping with a group

      If exploring the outdoors is the primary goal, choosing a suitable campsite would help the process. With a campsite filled with tourist views and attractions, activities can vary.

          1. - Animal watching
          2. - Catching flies
          3. - Fossil hunting
          4. - Camping scavenger hunt
          5. - Nature gathering
          6. - Stargazing
          7. - Bug collecting

        Staying gay throughout a camping vacation is essential, as well as rest time. Camping offers time to give both your body and mind a break from strenuous activities. Some tent camping ideas or inside camping ideas are:

            1. - Listen to nature
            2. - Take naps
            3. - Daydream 
            4. - Stargaze
            5. - Swing in a hammock

          hiking with friends when camping with acevolt campower

          When the weather turns cloudy, it might seem like the goal of your camping trip has been destroyed. On the contrary, there are many inside camping tent ideas to try.

              1. - Crafting
              2. - Watch movies
              3. - Snuggle
              4. - Read books and magazines.
              5. - Card games
              6. - Tell each other stories.
              7. - Play online games

            The fun doesn't have to end at nightfall. Nighttime camping has a long line of fun activities. The dark hours are thrilling moments for families.

                1. - A nighttime walk
                2. - A midnight swim
                3. - Shoot off fireworks
                4. - Tell ghost stories
                5. - Play Truth or Dare
                6. - Sing campfire songs
                7. - Dance around the fire
                8. - Play guitar or other instruments
                9. - Make shadow puppets

              Adventures in camping never end with games to play while camping. Another way to create a memorable trip is to play family tent camping games: outdoor and indoor games.

               camping outdoor games acevolt campower

              Camping Outdoor Games 

              • Capture the flag

              This is one of the most interesting games because kids and adults can play it. It fosters healthy competition, fitness routines, and teamwork.

              How to play

              1. Prepare for the game by dividing two territories rid of hazards

              2. After the area has been divided, divide your team into two teams and offer them a personal space to hide away safely.

              3. Members from each team must work together to get the opposing team's flag without a struggle.

              4. If a player gets tagged, he is sent to the jail force or being frozen from yelling or moving, 

              5. The first team to successfully retrieve the opposing team's flag and make it back to their wins.
                • Tug of war

                Tug of war is a strength-worthy game. It tests the teamwork, strength, and resilience of each opposing team.

                How to play

                Divide two teams into two opposing sections, with a marked line on each team's start. Tie a ribbon or flag to the center playing rope. The first team to drag and tug the flag to their side of the dividing line wins.

                • Frisbee 

                This is a simple game for adults, children, and dogs as well. It comes in four different forms, including tic tac toss, bowling, kan jam, and free throws.

                How to play

                1. A free throw involves the throwing of the Frisbee far to see who would go the farthest. 

                2. Kanjam uses two different bins. Each team must try to get the Frisbee into a bin successfully while far apart from it.

                3. Bowling features towers of cups or shatter-proof bottles. These things are set at the end of a particular play area. Each team must strategically try to knock down the obstacles using a Frisbee.

                4. Tic tac toss is also known as the tic tac toe game. The twist is the tic tac toe board is made on the floor. Each team must try to toss their Frisbee into the boxes till three Frisbees are connected.

                  • Outdoor checkers

                  The game of checkers is a board game that encourages critical thinking and strategy. It can be played traditionally. You will need a tablecloth, two different colors for spray paint, and a minimum of 24 bucket lids.

                  To recreate this game traditionally, paint a checkerboard pattern on the tablecloth, paint 12 of the bucket lids a color and the other set of twelve, another color. To play, each team must try to get the other team back into their territory successfully.

                  • Water balloons

                  Water balloons are an interesting pool game. You would need to be in your swim gear and hit the swimming pool to enjoy.

                  How to play

                  A water balloon fight involves teamwork or individual agility. Whether as a team or individual, the game involves dodging the opponent while successfully trying to get the balloon to the other end in one piece.

                  camping indoor games lists acevolt campower

                  Camping Indoor games 

                  • Card games

                  Card games are one of the most relaxing and interesting games to play indoors. It develops memory and increases one's attention span. Card games vary in different forms, such as Slap Jack, Jackpot, Phase 10, Uno, and Goldfish, amongst many others.

                  • Charades

                  Charades is an engaging game for groups and individuals. It can be played indoors or outdoors. 

                  How to play

                  All you need to do is write down the names of various movies, animals, books, cartoon characters, camping-related activities, and cartoon characters. Toss the well-rumpled papers into a bowl for each team to pick and try to recreate with non-verbal actions.

                  • Treasure hunt

                  This is the ideal game for RV and cabin campers. You can be creative to make it a search for hidden items or persons.

                  How to play

                  After choosing the items or persons to hide, each team has limited time to find, assemble and collect all items for themselves. 

                  • Cup stacking

                  Do you have disposable cups that are not in use? A lot of stacking games would bring back the thrill while camping indoors!

                  How to play

                  Have each build the highest tower in a limited time. You can also reuse the cups for mini-golf or indoor bowling.

                  • Board games

                  This is an old family entertainment game. Board games come in various forms, such as Pictionary, connect four, sorry, Jenga, and many others. You can also get creative with unique pieces on the board.

                  Why do people like camping?

                  There are benefits attached to camping in tents, RVs, and vehicles. Whether you are a die-hard camping fan, looking for a break from work and life, or reliving childhood memories, camping is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy family time. The real benefits are:

                  • Serenity

                  When you spend time near a lot of trees, you take in more oxygen. Your body can function with less strain. Research has proven that time spent outdoors can improve your blood pressure, improve digestion and boost your immune system. Camping helps you cope with stress. You have the opportunity to meditate, take in nature's best, and stay gay.

                  • Better relationships

                  Camping alone can be a lot of fun, but you will enjoy a unique experience that would help you maintain a happy relationship with family members and friends. Socializing can help extend your lifespan and delay memory problems as you spend quality time with others.

                  • Better sleep

                  After a day filled with outdoor activities, a good night's sleep would not be hard to come by. Many campers have been reported to have better sleeping cycles due to their camping trips. Due to the absence of technology or online connections, you can focus on your present and enjoy solitude without stress.

                    • The ideal Vitamin D source 

                  Camping often means more time in the sun. The sun rays offer Vitamin D, which is beneficial to the skin and body. According to research, sun exposure has been linked to mental health benefits such as improved moods. Meanwhile, sun rays should be taken in moderation to avoid skin cancer.

                  Camping checklists What to pack for a camping trip with friends

                  What to pack for a camping trip with friends?

                  Are you wondering what you would need to pack for a fun-filled camping trip? Some camping essentials cannot be ignored, and a camping checklist would do more good to avoid forgetting any important camping gear. These different categories would make your planning faster.

                  For shelter and comfort For warmth and weather-resistance
                  • Sleeping bag
                  • Pillow
                  • Sleeping mat
                  • Table
                  • Camping chairs
                  • Tent repair kit
                  • A solar generator
                    e.g AceVolt Campower
                  • Windbreak
                  • Head pump
                  • Spare batteries
                  • Tent
                  • Pocket knife for cutting reasons
                  • Mallet
                  • Sunshade or tarp
                  • Tent cots
                  • Suitable footwear
                  • Waterproof jackets and umbrellas
                  • Clean and dry clothes
                  • Spare underwear and socks
                  • Sun protection cream and sunglasses
                  • Woolly hats or beanies
                  For entertainment Navigational tools
                  • Camera
                  • Binoculars
                  • Board games 
                  • Stack of cards
                  • Bikes
                  • Fishing gear
                  • Portable GPS
                  • Maps or a guidebook
                  • A pen or pencil
                  • Travel lanterns
                  • Compass and map
                  Kitchen essentials For cleanliness and healthy living
                  • Stove
                  • Fuel
                  • Lighters or matches
                  • Coolbox or fridge
                  • Chopping board
                  • Plates, bowls, and mugs
                  • Dishcloths and sponges
                  • Rubbish bags
                  • Washing up liquid and bowl
                  • Tin and bottle opener
                  • Food and water
                  • First aid kit
                  • Hand sanitizers
                  • Towels
                  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
                  • Antibacterial wipes
                  • Toiletries
                  • Insect repellents 


                    Although camping might not be your favorite thing to do, remember that not everyone feels that way. But you can light up the spark to get them to change their mind through suitable camping activities and endeavors. The nice part about camping in a group is you never run out of equipment. To ensure you don't experience burnout during the fun activities, you can delegate roles or duties to each of your family members or friends. 

                    Camping is a fun activity to enjoy and keep memories. While some campers would rather sit back and enjoy the content of a thrilling novel, others would prefer to tackle the most challenging trail while hiking. Discern what activities would work for your group. Choose a location that gives people a lot of options.

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