6 Perfect places for Camping in Delaware

6 Perfect places for Camping in Delaware

6 Perfect places for Camping in Delaware

Delaware, the constituent city, is famous for its historical landmarks and family-friendly beaches, drawing tourists and sightseers to it. Delaware campgrounds generate billions of dollars every year due to tourist visits. This article has six perfect camping spots to go to.

Cape Henlopen State Park


Cape Henlopen is a perfect camping ground for you if you need a fun family getaway.  It is just moments away from the beach, even in the middle of the forest.


The campground is a 5193-acre park with two dozens of 2-room cabins and 20 tent sites with a communal bathroom and outdoor cooking arrangement.


You can learn about different histories and visit the Fort Miles Historical Area and museum. However, history is not all the campground has to offer; there are a series of activities suitable for all age groups.


You can go fishing with your family, paddle boarding, windsurfing, hiking, horseback riding, and many more fun activities.


The campground has basic amenities like laundry services, modern restrooms, clean water suitable for drinking, high-speed internet, an essential store, and dump stations. However, you might need to go with a backup solar power station for an uninterrupted power supply.

Best Season to camp there

Camp Henlopen is open all year round. But if you prefer a time when it is less rowdy, you should go by September.

Reservation methods and fees

You must make your reservations at least a day before your arrival, and you can make online reservations on their sites. Their reservation fee cost

  • $40 for non-residents on weekends.
  • $29 and $34 for residents and non-residents during the weekdays.

Business hours

They are open between 10 am and to 4om daily, But if you want to make reservations, the online site is available 24/7.


It is located at the center of Delaware Bay.

Tall Pines Campground Resort


Even though it is full of tall pines and has beautiful nature, it has a lot of offside attractions for kids and adults. The resort has a lot of amenities to satisfy its guests, including pools, a playground, a fitness center, a golf course, and other valuable amenities.

Best Season to camp there

The best time to visit the resort is during its formal summer season, which takes place between June and August. However, you have to book on time because it is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Reservation methods and fees

You can make reservations by phone or via their website, and they are available during regular business hours. Make a reservation 2 to 4 nights before your arrival date, depending on if it is a typical holiday week.

Business Hours

In-Season Office Hours beginning April 1st

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

8:00am - 8:00pm beginning June 1st

Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Winter Hours beginning December 1st - Closed on Sundays


It is located in Lewes, Delaware, 3.5 miles west of Rt.1 on Rt 9.

Lums Pond State park


Whether your vacation is for a day, weekend, or a couple of weeks, Lums pond state park has activities to ensure you have fun no matter what. Their fun activities include fishing, golfing, skiing, horseback riding, hiking, zipline adventure, boat ramps, etc.


It is also the official campground for the University of Delaware. And it offers the basic amenities you will need at a campsite.


However, the operation of generators is not allowed. However, Acevolt Campower portable power station promises a quiet operation, so you should go with one.

Best season to camp there

Fall, spring, and summer are perfect times to visit Lums Pond park. But if you want a more quiet time, go in between these seasons.

Reservation method and fees

Make a reservation by calling their office at (302) 368-6989 or visit their website to check if your desired camping date(s) is available.


The reservation fee is $40.00 per reservation/per site

Business hours

It is open all year round from 8 a.m. to 4 pm.


1068 Howell School Rd, Bear, DE 19701, USA

G & R Recreation Campground


G & R is one of the best RV parks in Delaware, with more than 300 sites for RVs, tents, and trailers. It offers basic amenities and facilities, including electricity, cable television, sewerage hookups, and fire pits.


It has an ancient feel with its large (10,000 square meters) activity hall used for private functions, volleyball, and basketball court. It also has a swimming pool, picnic area, a children’s playground, and a picnic area.

Best season to camp there

It is open daily and in all seasons. So, you can choose your desired time to go as you will enjoy it all the same.

Reservation method and fees

To make reservations, call (302) 398-8108 or send an e-mail to owner@gnrcampground.com. RV campsite cost $45 per day while tent campsite cost and tent campsite cost $30 per day. If you are making the reservation online, make it two days before arrival.

Business hours

Check-in time is 3 pm, and check-out time is 11 am.


Located at 4075 Gun and Rod Club Rd, Houston, DE 19954, USA.

Delaware Seashore State Park


Delaware Seashore state park is another RV campground in Delaware located near the Rehoboth rivers. It has a lot of breathtaking sights and dining locations.


Each family member has different activities, from horseback riding, hiking, biking, sailboarding, and windsurfing.


If you are a beach and nature lover, you will find this park suitable for camping.

Best season to camp there

Even though they are open all year round, reviews from visitors suggest that fall is one of the best seasons to go camping there.

Reservation method and fees

make a reservation by calling or making an Online reservation which is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Online reservations can only be placed by credit card.

Business hours

They are open from 8 am to 4 pm.


It is located near Dewey Beach, in Delaware, United States. It is bounded east by the Atlantic Ocean and west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay.

Holly Lake campsite


Holly Lake Campsite is a family-owned campground perfect for a family vacation. It has sites for RVs and tents and is fully equipped with all basic amenities.


Some of their services are a petting zoo, games room, frisbee golf, and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet.


And if you get bored, you can try sailing, fishing, sunbathing, crabbing, outlet shopping, or just strolling down the Rehoboth Boardwalk.

Best season to camp there

Summer is the best season to go camping at Holly lake campsite, especially if you plan to go hiking.

Reservation method and fees

You can not make reservations for less than 2 Nights. Then

Daily Fee Mon-Thur

4 Man - $93.00

6 Man - $115.00

Daily Fee Fri-Sun

4 Man - $100.00

6 Man - $125.00

Business hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm

Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Sunday: 8am - 1pm


It is located in Millsboro, Delaware, near Delaware’s famous beaches, such as Dewey, Lewes, and Rehoboth.


Going camping in Delaware is fun as there are so many exciting camping grounds to visit. Plus, you can not exhaust the fun camps' fun activities. Decide on a campsite, prepare adequately and enjoy your vacation.

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