Acevolt Campower 700 Solar Generator
Acevolt Campower 700 Solar Generator
Acevolt Solar generator(2000W+100/200 Solar panel)
Acevolt Solar generator(2000W+100/200 Solar panel)

Acevolt Solar generator(2000W+100/200 Solar panel)

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  • With the 2000W wattage and 1997Wh capacity, the Campower2000 can power almost all your essentials on the road, from your phone to an electric cooker.

    With 1997Wh battery pack, Campower 2000 features 6* AC outlets (PURE SINE WAVE, 2000W, peak 4000W), 2* PD 100W Type-C ports, 2* USB-A QC3.0 fast charge port, 2* standard USB-A ports, 1* Car port. 1*XT60 output 2*DC 12V 10A). With excellent Battery Management System (BMS), Campower solar generator extends battery service life with protection of short-circuit / overvoltage / overload / overheating and ensures 3500+ life cycles.

    Our power station has a huge capacity 1997Wh and a 2000W AC inverter (4000W Surge). It can power most of the high-power household appliances and electronic equipment without stress for a long time, such as an fridge, window air conditioner, hairdryers, microwave oven, coffee maker (Max 2000W), heater, electric grill, drill, etc. It gives you confidence in any emergency or unexpected power outages and meets your various power needs.

    A standby UPS resorts to battery backup power in the event of common power problems such as a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge. Connect the product between the wall outlet and devices, when there is a sudden power failure, our power station will automatically switch to the UPS power supply mode within 10ms, so as to keep safe working for the computer, refrigerator, bottle warmer, and other equipment.

    Designed with a durable exterior shell with convenient handles, the LiFePo4 battery ensures the safety of our power station. Compared with a traditional lead-acid battery, it features better safety and a 3500+ super long life cycle. With the smart LCD screen, the real-time display shows current, voltage, power, temperature & charging status. Our generator is quiet and free of emissions when charging, it is your must-have for home and outdoors.

    AceVolt offers free shipping with FedEx to the 48 contiguous states, but charges for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

    AceVolt offers 30 days money back guarantee to customer purchased from To claim a 30-day return, please refer to our return policy

    All AceVolt Campower portable power stations are covered under our 2-year limited warranty (All free accessories are not covered by warranty service).

    Satisfy All Your Off-grid Needs

    *Tests are done in AceVolt factory, actual results may vary.

    Faster, Safer, Stronger

    The AceVolt Campower 2000 is the lightest 2000-watt EV-Grade LiFePO4 portable power station. Be prepared for camping with a tremendous 1997Wh of battery capacity. Campower 2000 can satisfy all your off-grid as well as emergency needs. Upgraded to a 2000W built-in inverter, it can power up to 4000W of your devices no matter for camping, RVing, Van life, or in case of a power outage.

    3500+ Charge Cycles
    87 Mins
    To 80% Charge
    Pure Sine Wave
    Under 10ms Switchover Time
    16 Ports For All

    The Highest Safety Performance

    The lithium-iron phosphate battery is safe from explosion due to overcharging or high temperatures and withstand temperatures up to 140°F.

    5-Times Longer Lifespan

    With a durability of more than 10 years, a charge capacity of 3500 cycles before reaching 80% of its original capacity, Acevolt 2000 stands out from conventional Lithium-iron batteries which do not last more than 3 years.

    Recharge To 80% Within 87 Mins

    Featuring AceVolt's 1100W Supercharger technology, the Campower 2000 can be charged from 0-80% in 87 minutes, and fully charged in 108 minutes. This is ideal for emergency situations.

    Built-in Adapter

    AceVolt Campower 2000 defines a 2-in-1 modern portable power station with an inverter and adapter, so no heavy adapter is needed for charging, only a cable.

    More Conducive To Electronic Devices

    Devices can somehow be damaged by unstable sine waves. The Campower2000 includes a pure frequency sine wave inverter that produces the same or higher frequency sine wave AC power than the main grid, which protects electronic devices and reduces noise and power consumption.

    Constant Power

    Switching time less than 10ms! 2000VA/1997W uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system with interactive line topology. Ideal for desktop PCs, smart home devices, routers, alarm and phone systems, point-of-sale terminals and home entertainment equipment, etc. In UPS mode, it only powers outlets under 1000W.

    Instant Power On Your Hand

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    USB-A QC3.0 18W

    The Quick Charge 3.0 outlet beats the QC 2.0 charging technology by charging 1.4 times faster and up to 4 times faster than conventional charging. It is so powerful that you can get your phone charged from 0-50% in 30 min.

    USB-A 5V/2.4A

    Adapt to a variety of devices, with an output of 2.4A/12W. It’s a better choice for powering battery-intensive devices.

    USB-C PD 100W

    Equipped with two fast-charging 100W USB-C ports, perfect for the latest electronic devices as USB-C becomes mainstream.

    12V/3A DC 5521

    Don't worry, you can also power devices that require DC5521 output. CCTV security cameras, routers, mini-projectors, or anything that requires DC5521 port.

    12V/10A Car Outlet

    Thinking about camping in a van or trailer? The 12V/10A car outlet lets you power vehicle accessories such as vacuum cleaner, mini-fridge, electric kettle, etc.

    12V/10A XT-60

    AceVolt Campower 2000 offers up to 10A continuously current output by its XT-60 ports. With the non-symmetrical shape of the connector, is unlikely to make a reverse connection. For drone, model aircraft lovers, this is a huge benefit.

    2000W AC Pure Sine Wave

    The Pure Sine Wave AC outlets ensure you can power your devices without interruption. It makes power from the portable power station more reliable and less destructive. Up to 4000-watt surge. You can also use it as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

    1100W Input/500W MPPT

    There are three ways to recharge your Campower 2000: wall-outlet charging(1100W max), car charging and solar charging(500W max). With integrated MPPT technology, it increases charging efficiency as conditions vary.

    Technical Specifications

    Capacity 1997Wh
    Cell Chemistry LiFePO4
    Lifecycle 3,500+ To 80% Capacity
    Dual Protection System BMS Protection, MCU Protection
    Smart Warning System Overheating, Overload, Short Circuit
    Rated Output Power 2000W (4000W Surge)
    USB-C PD3.0*2 100W
    USB-A QC 3.0*2 18W
    USB-A*2 5V, 2.4A
    AC Output*6 100~120V, 2000W, 50Hz/60Hz
    DC5521 Output* 2 12V, 3A, 5.5mm x 2.1mm
    Car Port*1 DC 12V,10A
    XT60 Output*1 12V, 10A
    Input Power 1100W Max (Solar 500W Max, 12V~50V)
    AC Wall Outlet 1-1.5 hrs
    12V,15A Car Port 11-12 hrs
    200W Solar Panel*2 5 hrs
    Weight 48.5lbs
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 15.4 x 11 x 12.7 in
    Operating Usage Temperature 14-104 ℉ Recommended
    Warranty 24 Months
    Certification FCC, UN38.3, IEC6100, CE, RoHS, MSDS

    Three Diversified Charging Options

    best solar powered generator acevolt campower 2000 wall charging