Why Should You Go Winter Camping in New York

Why Should You Go Winter Camping in New York

New York is a city bustling with so much fun and activities.  This beautiful state hosts the country's great wilderness, making it the perfect state for you to go camping. Winter camping in New York exposes you to exploring the beauty of the season and enjoying the freshness. Enjoy the starry winter nights, campfires, fewer crowds, and winter silence,  camping in New York this winter. Read on for more reasons  why you should go camping in New York in winter. 

1. There are Cozy Cabins in New York State Parks to Keep You Warm During Winter

Going camping during the winter can be pretty challenging because of the cold. However, camping in New York would not keep you from enjoying and appreciating the outdoors, as there are cozy cabins in New York State Parks that will help you feel warmer during winter. These cabins also help you feel warm after long hours of recreational activities during the day. Spending more romantic times with your spouse or partner in these cozy cabins is also a great idea. You could also put heaters in your cabins and power them using the Acevolt Campower Portable Power Station. 

2. You Would Enjoy A Lot of Outdoor Exercises in New York State Parks

From outdoor activities like boating, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, playing softball, tennis, horseshoes, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and so on, you would enjoy every bit of winter camping in New York. There are bike rentals where you could rent bikes and exercise along paved bike paths in the state parks. Returning to your cozy cabin after the day's activities would be the day's highlight. You could also charge your phones, laptops, and other devices using the Acevolt Campower Portable Power Station to keep them on during your camping period. You will enjoy relaxing games on any of your devices when you're back to your cabin if they're fully charged. 

3. It is Easier to Spot Wildlife During Winter 

Serenity comes with the winter that you cannot find any other time of the year. As the leaves fall off trees, so does the landscape begin to open up. As such, it is easier to spot wildlife during winter. You have a better chance of seeing these animals in full flesh. Some animals hide away during summer but come out more during winter. So, winter is perfect for spotting wildlife and enjoying the view maximally. 

4. There's No Dirt and No Noise

It is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoor freshness and the calmness that comes with the cold. Although it is snowy and damp in winter, it is also calm, peaceful, and silent. Since snow usually absorbs sound waves, the atmosphere would be quiet. There would be no dust, and the views are always clearer, cleaner, and more pleasant. Camping in New York during winter is like graduating into a magical new realm, and you would enjoy the clean feel. In the winter, a vibrant and welcoming wonderland awaits you. 

5. There Are No Bugs

If you fear insects, camping in New York during winter is the perfect option because there would be no bugs. Bugs are generally inactive when the season is cold, so you can be sure to enjoy bug-free camping in New York during winter. 

New York Exposes You to Camping on Different Kinds of Terrain

There are different kinds of terrains in New York, whether you love camping in the mountains or near the water. The mountain ranges of New York make it the perfect place for campers who love hiking, backpacking, and climbing.

6. New York Camping Resorts Have Amazing Resorts

New York has a unique landscape like no other state. There are gorgeous gorges in Ithaca; the finger lakes are tranquil, and there is always something that everyone would love in each of the fantastic resorts in New York. 

7.New York State Parks Are Affordable and Cost-Effective

The campgrounds in New York during the winter offer things that would fit into every camper's budget. They are relatively affordable and would fulfill your camping needs. So if you're planning to come to New York to enjoy winter camping, you have made the right choice. Find a plan that fits your budget and book your stay in any New York State Park. 


The winter season is the perfect time for you to go camping, especially in New York, because it is then that you enjoy the peace you finally crave. Setting up campfires is even more enjoyable in the winter as it is not just for the atmosphere or the smoky flavor it gives the atmosphere; it is more important for the warmth it provides. Well, now is the time for you to use the new camping gear you bought. Finally, camping does not mean you should get away from all the comforts of your home. You could also enjoy these comforts by getting your Acevolt Campower Portable Power Station to power your electrical devices for a better winter camping experience. Of course, don't forget to prepare a winter camping check-list

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