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5 Amazing Nevada Hot Springs that are Worth Chasing

If you are interested in having an outdoor experience outside the regular campground experience, you should visit Nevada. Nevada is known as one of the most adventurous sites for camping and recreation in the silver state. Nevada is known as the home of hot springs in the entire country USA. It has more than 300 natural hot springs and several tall mountains of about 13,000ft. Nevada also houses the driest area in the US, the Mojave Desert.

This natural hot spring settles underneath two natural snow-capped mountains. The government and others manage hot springs that private organizations own. This article will feature hot springs owned by the government and those owned by private organizations. Each hot spring has guidelines and regulations that you must know and follow to enjoy your stay.

gold strike hot springs

Gold Strike Hot Springs

Address: Goldstrike Hoy Spring Trailhead (601 Great Basin Highway), Boulder City, Nevada.

Contact: (702) 293-8990

Gold strike Hot Springs found outside historic boulder city is an hour drive from las vegas. The entire landscape of the spring is about two miles, and it has peaceful scenery. There's a 600ft descent between boulder city and Hoover dam that leads into the spring. You can only get across the descent by navigating through eight woven fixed ropes by hiking and class 3 scrambling, which takes 3-4 hours. When planning to hike, ensure that you wear sturdy and tight-fitting shoes and also learn different hiking skills.

The only alternative route is through a black canyon on the Colorado River. The reward of passing across the descent successfully is a natural hot spring where you can relax and shake off your stress to get there. The water from the spring flows from a cliff, and at the first fall, the water is about 100F, and it keeps getting cooler as it moves away from the sea.

The trail has lots of information you need to know, like the presence of brain-eating amoeba in the spring, flash floods, the presence of snakes and rattles, and the use of sunscreen. To have more fun, you can go along with a solar generator such as Acevolt Campower 2000. This device would power all your devices, so you don't have to worry about electricity while on your trip. The trail is permanently closed from May 15th to September 30th because of the unbearable heat in that season. So you should make your reservation early enough. You can contact their customer service provider to make a reservation. 

twelve-mile hot springs

Twelve-Mile (Bishop Creek) Hot Springs

Address: Wells, NV 89835

Twelve mile or bishop creek hot springs are named because it is 12 miles north wells, Nevada. It is home to more hot springs than any other trail. The hot spring here is artificial, and the pool it forms is concrete, 40 feet long and 3-4 feet deep. The temperature of the spring, incredibly close to the base, is about 100F. The spring is situated adjacent to the bishop creek, which is positioned for warmth during a hot day such that you can climb over the wall into the water. The spring gives soothing warmth during warm nights and cold, snowy nights.

This site in the state is loved because it opens all year round. You camp around this site but ensure that you respect the area allocated to you so that other people can use it too. The site management is only responsible for the road and the spring's pool. While preparing for the trip, be very conscious of the weather conditions. During the rainy season, the road leading to the site is always messy, and you have to get to your destination on foot.

Admission to the site is free; you don't have to pay any amount to access the site. The site is open all year round to make your reservation at any time in the year, but it's better to visit during summer. Visit their website or place a call to make your reservation.

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Address: Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs (1 hour From Tonopah), Dyer, NV

Contact:+1 208-544-1203

Fish lake valley hot springs are along Nevada's western edge near California. The spring is located 20 minutes from Dyer, NV. The fantastic feature of this site is that it is open to the public; it has a large parking area, campsites, and fire pits. This site is very suitable for camping. It has a huge cemented tub of water that comes directly from the source, and this pool of water flows onto two huge ponds surrounding it. The surrounding ponds contain marshy vegetation and a lot of wildlife, significantly different species of fish. The water temperature in the tub is around 105F, although it depends on the environmental temperature.

Fish lake valley hot springs are open to visitors all through the year. If you want to have some alone time with family, you can visit the site during the week to avoid the crowd. Another exciting thing bout this venue is that there is no admission fee to access the site. You can make your reservation anytime in the year; visit their website for more information.

Ruby Hot Springs

Ruby Hot Springs

Address: Ruby valley refuge, Nevada 89833

Ruby Hot Springs, also known as smith ranch springs, is located near ruby lake national wildlife refuge. The scene in this site allows your mind to go beyond the regular nature feel to the beauty of the desert and revitalizing energy of the spring. This spring has a few pools around it, and one of them, known as emerald water, is very large and is about 30ft deep. The collections also have a temperature of around 100F, so it is very comfortable to swim in and relax. Although some parts can be very hot, ensure you check the temperature of the water before you slip in.

There are limestone ledges and a metal ladder at the borders, allowing easy entry into the pool. The site has a wooden platform for visitors to relax and keep their belongings. Here you can use your devices, take pictures and see movies. You don't have to worry about electricity while on the trip; get a solar generator to power and charge your devices. Pets are allowed around the wooden platform but not inside the water.

This site is free and available to the public all year round. There isn't an excellent cellular service, and the roads are impassable during winter. You should place your reservation when the weather conditions are palatable. Visit their website to place your reservation.

Carson Hot Springs Resorts

Carson Hot Springs Resorts

Address:372 St Martin's Springs Road, Carson, WA 98610

Contact:504 427-8296

A Carson hot spring resort is known for its exclusivity and class. The resort consists of two sections of pools, a spa, a restaurant, and camping areas. The spring is channeled to two sections of collections in the resort. The site has an outdoor pool that has a temperature around 121F. Air sprayers and evaporative cooling cool down the water. The water is constantly drained and refilled each day from its source, and it doesn't contain any chemical additive. Access to this pool is as low as $15 per person, which is not as expensive as for ye private pools.

The private pools are made for indoor use, and they are about nine of them. These pools are for those that want to relax in privacy. The temperature of this pool is between 95-104F and varies with the temperature of the water from the flow of the spring. Since the water is coming from the source is best to check the temperature before entering the pool. The general access fee for the private pool is about $28 per person for two hours.

The resort is open all year round, and it's a good option if you want to camp around the spring. It has several facilities and features that would make you feel homely. You can make your reservations online through their website or place a call for more inquiries.

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