How do I light my camping area?

How do I light my camping area?


There’s arguably no one who is not thrilled off his or her feet at the announcement of a camping trip. The reason is not far-fetched as many people, including friends (especially long-distance friendships) and family, see camping as a time to bring back or strengthen their relationship connection, and it is primarily fun-filled, where people get to explore and enjoy the beauty of life.

However, as exciting as that is, it is very essential that you have everything planned out before heading out for a camping trip and one of the very important things you should consider and ensure is in place is the lighting for your camp area. 

Well, technological advancement has made things easier generally in the world, and it does not exempt lighting your camping area out. There are several innovative ideas that can help you illuminate your camping area and make it more fun. For example, you can consider Acevolt products like Acevolt campower, portable generators, solar power, e.t.c. 

You don’t want situations where you are experiencing difficulty pacing through the dark when it is sunset aside from that, it is annoying; it is also not safe and could lead to severe injury, which won’t be what you want to remember a camping trip for.

In this article, we’ll talk about various ways you can light your camping area, hence improving the quality of your camping experience.

8 ways to light up your camping area

Do you want to solve the puzzle of lighting your camping area? Well, you are in the right place, sit tight, and let’s dive into more details. Did your heart just think about the cost? Let’s clear that first, you can easily afford lighting for your camping area without having to spend much.


This is commonly used by many campers, they are string lights that are placed in plastic tubing, and they can be easily draped over and wrapped around anything. Light robes are mostly used to illuminate tent ceilings and also table areas.

It looks very simple, yet it’s a very effective way to illuminate your camping area; they provide an adequate level of brightness that enhances convenience.

They are mostly USB powered hence it is important to have with you in the campsite a device or any source of USB power that you can plug into. If you have this, you can be assured of adequate lighting for your camping area, and it is relatively affordable to purchase.


  • Headlamps 

One of the ways to light up your campsite is by using headlamps. Headlamps are easily accessible and mobile because of their compact and portable size. All headlamps come with LED light; one vital advantage of headlamps is the durability and reliability of their battery because it consumes less power.

The durability of headlamps batteries makes them very reliable for your camping trip. Headlamps are worn on the head as such; it allows people still to do other things with their hands and other parts while it is fixed on the head.

  • Acevolt Campower

As you plan for your camping trip, also sort out the light issues that might affect the excitement of the camping. You should go for a portable power station like the Acevolt Campower 2000. There are several ranges of the Acevolt Campower, and it provides a higher percentage of performance and lifecycle, a result of the efficient battery cell, which provides 2500 charge cycles.

The Acevolt Campower is eco-friendly and is powered using the sun. The Acevolt Campower ranges are designed to ensure safe energy irrespective of location, including camping trips; having safe camping is not far-fetched with Acevolt Campower. 

The Acevolt Campower 2000 is a very good option for solar-powered portable generators made for camping. It is highly mobile and very good for people living off the grid. 

Most campsites are not connected to electricity, so it is, therefore, important to get a portable generator and solar power that can serve as an alternative to providing adequate light brightness. Acevolt Campower can effectively serve that purpose.

  • Torch

Yes, you can actually opt for a torch to light your campsites, and it does not need batteries to illuminate your campsite. You can place the torch in any corner of your campsite, the woodpile, or the kitchen, or use it to create a walkway to your tent. Learn  how to start a fire here

It's also important to know the rules guiding the campsite you are using because some campsites have rules that state the kind of gadgets or things you can bring along or use on the campground. If there are no rules against lighting a torch, it's not a bad idea to get them and place them where they can give illumination and help guide people's path when it is late.

  • LED Rechargeable Lantern 

The traditional choice for campsite illumination is a gas-powered lantern and it is commonly used by many campers as most campsite rules allow for such. However, Led rechargeable lanterns have proven to be more efficient in lighting up campsites compared to the traditional option.

The led rechargeable lantern offers an easy way to light up your campsite; it can produce up to 1000 lumens of light which is bright enough to sufficiently illuminate the entire campsite.

The led rechargeable lantern can also be used as a power bank with about 12 hours of battery life, hence also meeting connectivity needs and a good option for extended camp trips. 

  • Use your headlamps as a lantern. 

This is a creative way to get more light brightness to illuminate your campsite. This is a very good option for campers running a low-budget plan while ensuring adequate lighting for their campsite.

You can simply convert your headlamps into lanterns, and getting this done is not a complicated task. A headlamp with an elastic band and a one-litre bottle of water will get the job done.

Just simply place the headlamp bulb at the bottom head of the bottle of water and ensure it is placed well facing the centre, then place the band around the bottle of water to ensure the headlamp is placed securely. After doing this, you can put the bulb light on then you have a broader brightness with the light.

  • Flashlights 

Flashlights are handheld and portable electric lights that are battery powered and can also be used to give illumination even though it is considered a traditional way but can give you just the needed illumination in your campsite to help you navigate through the dark.

For many campers, one of the major items is a flashlight, and you will find most campers also use it to light up their tents. It can be a better option to help light a book you are going through during your camping or searching out an item.

If you plan to make it, the flashlight gives illumination to your tent; you can just place it on the ground with the bulb light facing up.

  • Opt for a decorative lantern

If you want your campsite to be stylish, you can opt for a decorative lantern to light up your campsite instead of a torch that can probably catch fire.

A decorative lantern with LED is highly recommended because of its longer battery life. You can sleep well knowing there's nothing to get worked out about, and the decorative lantern can give enough brightness for a thrilling camping experience.

  • Conclusion 

It's important you have everything planned before heading out on your camping trip, especially if the distance is far from where you reside, making it practically impossible to return and take some things you left behind.

One of the most crucial decisions is to find adequate lighting for your campsite. Even if you don't know how to go about this before, with the well-explained information provided above, you can easily navigate your way on how to go about lighting your campsite and choosing the best option that you want.

You can have an excellent camping trip without having to go through any difficulty navigating your way in the night. Camping is about to get more fun and safe. 

Happy camping, guys!

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