Dos and Don’ts for Hunting while Camping

Dos and Don’ts for Hunting while Camping

Dos and Don’ts for Hunting while Camping

There are several health benefits associated with spending time outdoors. Hunting and camping help to improve your physical and mental health while reducing your stress levels. Hunting while camping is an excellent way to meet new people and connect with family and friends.

Whether you are going to an ultra-modern hunting camp or RV hunting in the middle of nowhere, hunting is an exciting experience by itself. Many of the rules in the real world don’t apply during hunts. Still, there are certain guidelines to be followed when camping to ensure the safety of everyone.

Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts for hunting while camping.

Do: Obey all rules and regulations

Because there are different rules and regulations in every area, it can be quite confusing to keep track of them. Therefore, make sure you carry out your research so that you can obey all the laws. These usually include hunting methods, legal weapons, bag limits, and season dates.

If you are going to be staying at a campground, contact them and ask for their rules and regulations. Campgrounds that allow hunting will have different rules than those for recreation only. Many of them provide all the information you will need on their website, mobile app, or even as printed booklets.

Thoroughly go through the rules and regulations before the trip, and also keep a copy with you in your vehicle or hunting pack. When traveling with firearms, make sure you are aware of federal, state, and local laws. It is advisable to travel with unloaded firearms and lock them away securely during the journey.


Don’t: Rely on your phone service

It is possible that you have planned to use the navigation apps on your mobile phone, but remember that network signals are unreliable in the wild. So, ensure that you take compasses and detailed maps along. Although they might seem outdated, they could turn out to be a lifesaver when you least expect it.


Do: Focus on practising gun safety

The importance of following gun safety practices cannot be overstated. Always treat guns as if they are loaded at all times, even when you are absolutely sure that they are unloaded. Also, keep the gun’s action open and load it only when you want to use it.

Follow muzzle control practices as well, and always point the muzzle of guns in a safe direction. Do not point a gun at yourself or someone else. The safe direction to point a gun is toward the ground.

Until you are ready to fire, remove your finger from the trigger. Place your finger outside the trigger guard and keep the gun safety on until you are prepared to shoot.


Don’t: Do not hunt alone

If possible, hunt with at least one partner so that you can watch out for one another. In the case of injuries or accidents, the other person would be able to get help or provide immediate assistance.

It becomes more important to go with a partner if you are hunting in an unfamiliar area. Going together makes it easier to find your way around and also increases the chances of having a great hunting experience compared to when you go alone.

However, if you enjoy hunting alone, make sure to notify others of your plans and where you will be hunting. Also, set a time when you will touch base to inform them that you are fine.


Do: Wear Hunter Orange

Anytime you are hunting, always remember that you might not be the only one there. So, you should try to remain visible and recognizable as a human being. One way to do this is to wear blaze orange, which is popularly known as hunter orange. Whenever possible, wear orange jackets, vests, and hats to help other hunters identify you. Also, ensure that your hunting dog wears an orange leash, bandana, or vest. If you get injured by accidently, it's cruitial to have a first aid kit


Don’t: Leave any garbage behind

Always strive to leave the campsite as you would like to meet it. Trash and debris like leftover food, toilet paper, and plastic garbage shouldn’t be left behind as they are dangerous to the environment and animals. Also, ensure that your campfire is completely out before you go. Where possible, use campsites and latrines or carry a folding spade to bury waste deep in the soil.


Do: Keep your camp clean

While hunting and camping, it is extremely important to keep the camp clean. Ensure that all utensils are cleaned immediately to prevent any smell. Food should not be left out; instead, it should be stored in airtight containers away from sleeping areas. Make sure you never sleep in the clothes you wore while cooking, and ensure that you and the kids do not take food to the tents.

Don’t: Keep pet food in your campsite

While you might want to keep your hunting dog’s food in your camp, it is advisable not to. Animals have a great sense of smell, and the food will attract not only large game like bears and deer but also smaller animals like squirrels and raccoons. These animals can destroy your campsite while searching for food and are also bait for prey that is dangerous. If you want to have a nice camping trip with your lovely pets, learn more by clicking here.


 Do: Go along with sources of power and other extras

If you plan to hunt while camping, you will need to pack more gear than for a regular camping trip. Because you are hunting and camping off the grid does not mean that your gadgets should be uncharged.

Therefore, it is important that you have a portable generator like the Acevolt Campower or solar power sources to provide enough power to charge all your electronics and keep you connected to the outside world. Acevolt solar panels have great conversion efficiency, which allows them to produce more power than you need. They are also foldable and therefore easy to carry around.

You can also kick back with some music after a long day with the Acevolt Camping Bluetooth Speaker. Despite its weight, it produces a clear and loud sound. It is also rugged enough to survive your hunting trip.


Don’t: Build open fires carelessly

Open fires should be enjoyed cautiously because they can become quite dangerous in dry areas. During hot summers, it is best to avoid using candles, gas stoves, and campfires in the countryside and around combustible materials. The heat from campfires permanently damages the ground, and the smoke can be irritating to camp neighbors.

If you want to build a fire, there are simple safety precautions that can help you reduce potential risks. This includes building the campfire on fire bowls to protect the ground. You can also put candles in glasses to prevent forest fires.



Hunting while camping has become a popular way for many to relax. However, it is important not to get carried away by the excitement, as hunting can be quite dangerous. It is essential to remember these dos and don’ts to prevent injuries and accidents.

So before you pack up and head into the wild, do not forget that safety comes first. It is also advisable to go along with a portable generator like the Acevolt Campower. This will keep your gadgets charged to ensure a great hunting and camping experience.

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