Camping Movie Night Must-Have Checklist

Camping Movie Night Must-Have Checklist

A movie night plan to your to do list while camping is worth it. Whether you are camping solo as a sort of detachment from your busy schedule and the noise in the world around you, or as a means to bond with family and friends in the great outdoors, movie nights would help alleviate boredom and also a great way to relax every night after a day full of adventure.

Yet, without the right gadgets, your dream of having a splendid movie night experience might seem unachievable. Let’s help you prepare with this checklist of must-haves for a perfect movie night.

There are major essential items you must pack before leaving home for camp mostly because you may not find them sold in most camp stores. For the sake of mobility, we recommend that you invest in portable gadgets that would be easy to move around.

  • Portable Camping Projector: A movie night would be impossible without a projector especially when you are watching with company. This makes it the most important on this list. Projectors make viewing easier and more comfortable for a crowd rather than when you use a mobile phone or laptop. A travel projector is the best option for a projector that is compatible with other gadgets. Features to look out for in a quality projector  like its rechargeable and long battery and built-in speakers reduce the items needed for a proper setup

  • A Screen: Alongside your portable projector, get a screen big enough for viewing. You would achieve a cinematic effect this way. You can either purchase a permanently fixed screen or a foldable one. Foldable screens are suitable when projecting outdoors won't be but for a few times a year. It is also affordable, lightweight, and can be easily detached for easy storage and mobility.  Camping on a budget? D.i.y your own screen by using a white sheet between trees or beaming your projector to the side of your van or any plain surface around would suffice. 

  • A Portable Speaker: Good sound makes a great movie even more fun to watch. Even though most travel projectors are designed with in-built speakers, they might not give the sound quality desired for an outdoor cinema. Therefore, adding a Bluetooth speaker to your list of must-haves improves your camp movie night setup. As the night progresses, it might become dewy so, invest in waterproof speakers with a good battery life that would serve you through your trip and thereafter.

  • Headphones: Crowded campgrounds can impact a lot on the ambiance you are hoping to create for your movie night. Not also forgetting that most campsites have rules binding on the level of noise that is allowed on the campground. Noise intrusion can be both ways, you are either disturbing others or vice versa. You are not without help, a noise cancelling headphone is at your rescue.   
  • Power Source: Electrical gadgets are of no use without a power source. Their inability to function for a long time means there must be a power source to keep them charged up at all times. Before leaving home, ensure that you have all battery enabled devices charged to the optimal level to serve you on your first night away from home at least. In addition, take along a portable generator or solar panel as a source for non -battery enabled devices. The Acevolt portable Power station recharges easily from 0-100% in a matter of minutes and has an upgraded battery capacity that can satisfy  all of your off-grid needs    
  • Furniture:  Bring along furniture appropriate for the movie night. Camping chairs, and couch cushions to make everyone comfortable and the experience more enjoyable after all.  Remember to include throw pillows, blankets, and warmers to keep the cold at bay. Depending on what time of year you are camping, Bugs and insects can mess up a beautifully planned movie night, hence, get mosquito repellants and bug sprays to ward them off. if you are backpacking, having these items of your own may not be possible 

  • Food: Having sorted out the gadgets, it's food time. You would agree that everything gets better with food.  Undoubtedly, Popcorns and movie nights are synonymous. There are various popcorn recipes that you can try if you are looking to spice things up a bit. You can also explore other food options. Variations are the spice of life, so expect a lively night when you have plenty to eat and drink. If you are a sweet tooth, you would love these 10 camping desserts that make your day. Learn how to make a campfire pizza for your next movie night while camping
  • Movie: What is a movie night without the right movie? Since this isn’t going to be all about you,  select a movie that is comfortable for everyone to watch, kids inclusive, and one that would keep the conversation going. The goal is to have maximum fun. Check here for our top 10 camping movies you can watch with your family.

In Conclusion

Camping is fun. Planning a movie night alongside makes it more engaging and fun especially when you are camping with the whole family. We recommend that you get everything you need before setting out to the campground of your choice. You can read more of our blog posts to learn more about the off-grid life.

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