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All You Need To Know About Battery Generators For Camping


Solar generators have come to solve the electricity problems you might have while camping or when taking a road trip. Most times, the campsites may have a means of electricity, but this is not assured. You need to have your backup electricity available.

That is why most people go camping with a solar-powered generator. This solar generator is a multi-purpose one that can provide energy for lighting and also enough energy to charge phones and other devices throughout the camping period if fully charged. We would mention all you need to know about solar or battery generators and answer your questions on a solar generator for RV and the solar generator for camping.

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator is an electrical and mechanical device that stores electrical energy in batteries and powers a location when the wiring is connected to the generator.

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How does a solar generator work?

Thanks to technology, most tools and devices have been made easy for everyone to use. A solar generator works by saving up energy obtained through various means. It then converts this energy to electricity when it is powered on. Switching on the solar generator is one of the easiest things to do as it entails connecting the wire of the bulbs or the extension box to the outlets in the solar generator—the switching on the generator- mostly through a switch. If the connections are done properly, the lighting will come up in no time.

Sources of energy for the solar generator

You might ask since the solar generator is not connected to the main electricity grid, how does it give power? What powers it? There are several sources of energy for solar generators. This makes the generator a great source of electricity as you have various means to charge and save up power in it.

  • Solar Panel

Battery generators that have solar panels or that can be charged by solar panels use the sun as their source of energy.

How does it work? You go out to a sunny location, place the solar panel facing the sun, connect the panel with the generator, then leave for some time while it charges. How to take care of your portable solar panel? We have prepared some tips for you. 

  • AC Outlet

Another way to charge a solar or battery generator is by connecting it to an electricity socket using AC power. Before you go camping, when you are still home preparing for your trip, you can charge your generator somewhere in your home. This will ensure that the batteries get charged to perform well during your camping.

  • Car Charger

Another innovative way through which you can charge your solar generator is by using a car charger. There is a spot in the solar generator where you can plug in your car charger while the generator draws energy from the car until it is fully charged.

Components of a Solar Generator

There are several components of a solar generator. Some may sound a bit too technical, so we would only discuss the main components of the generator.

  • Battery

The Solar Generator or Battery Generator must surely consist of a battery through which electricity is given out. The battery is mostly of a specific capacity and can produce electricity depending on why heavy the electrical appliances it is powering are.

  • Inverter

The inverter is the tool that helps convert the energy in the battery, called the Direct Current (DC), to the electricity, Alternating Current (AC), used to charge and power the camp.

  • Ports

There are several ports in a battery generator. These ports are sources of energy for the generator or to other devices outside the generator. These ports include a car charger port, input power port, etc. Since the generator is for multi-purpose use, there are a lot of ports used for various things.

Camping checklist with a solar-powered generator

Reasons why you should use a solar-powered generator

  • It is easy to move

Solar generators are easy to move as they are portable and do not have too much weight. Whether your journey requires you to take a long walk before you get to your campsite or you need to take a brisk walk, moving solar or battery generators will not be a problem for you as they are compact and easy to move around.

  • It can be used by everyone

The solar generator is easy to use with all the instructions, ports, and switches available on the device. You do not need a technician to help before you can charge or power the generator. With a flip of the hand, you can switch on the generator, and by connecting the charger to the right spot, you can charge the generator easily.

  • It causes no harm to the environment

Solar generators are often silent and do not cause noise pollution to the environment. That means you can make use of it without disturbing your neighbor in the camp or wherever you decide to use it. It does not emit harmful gases also. It means it has the edge over fuel generators that emit carbon oxide, which is harmful to individuals and the environment. All in all, a solar generator is safe to use.

  • It is durable

Solar generators' makers know that they will go through rigorous movement and harsh weather conditions; hence, they make the generators durable for campers. You can be assured that your solar generator will last for a long time. The components of a solar generator are usually of high standards.

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Solar Generator for RV

Like we stated earlier, a solar generator is multi-purpose. You can not only use a solar-powered generator for a campsite, but you can also use it for a recreational vehicle (RV). If you love being on the road and would love to connect to people and use electrical appliances while being on the road, you can get yourself a solar generator that charges using the sun or your car charger. The generator is capable of powering every electrical appliance in the RV, and you do not need to stop or put the generator outside the RV before you can make use of it.

Why The AceVolt 700 Campower?

When you wish to get your solar generator, you must go for the best one that can power your location optimally and durable enough to go through all the journey and camping with you.

Whether you want the best solar generator for RV or the best solar generator for campingAceVolt 700 is the right fit for you. It is specifically manufactured to satisfy the customer's need by providing all the tools needed to make the customer's experience a lovely one.

This solar generator has a 672Wh capacity, which means at a fully charged status, it can charge your laptop fully 9 times or provide a tent light for 50 hours. It is a LiFePO4 solar generator which means its battery life and capacity are much higher than the lithium-ion batteries. It has several ports through which it can be charged, and electricity can be gotten from it. With 22lbs weight, it is portable enough for every adult to carry without strain or discomfort.

In the solar generator business, AceVolt is the one to beat as they have provided the right tools and solved many electricity problems of their clients. Whether you wish to power your campsite or you need it for your RV, AceVolt 700 provides you with the best and clean electricity you need.

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