6 Vermont campgrounds you can’t miss.

6 Vermont campgrounds you can’t miss.

Vermont is famous for its forested natural beauty, cultural attractions, and endless scenic places to explore that attract tourists all around the globe to choose camping in Vermont, it is also known for its majestic green mountains, hiking trails, and picturesque wooden covered bridges.

Various campsites in Vermont offer various camping experiences, from pitching your tent sites in the wilderness to lean-tos to remote camps.

As you prepare to go camping, don’t forget the necessary things you must take along with you, such as a backup battery for your torches and a portable power station(Acevolt Campower) to brighten the environment.

Are you thinking about how you and your family can have the best tent camping in Vermont? This article has shortlisted six of the best places to camp in Vermont.

Burton island state park

It is one of the best places for paddling adventure in Vermont. It is a 253-acre park on the southwestern tip of St. Albans Point. You can only access the place by boat or ferry.

The campground has 43 tents and lean-to campsites, with 15 boat moorings within the 100 ship marines in the park.

It is a good place for boating with its open water, stunning views, and quiet bays. Another feature that attracts tourists is that it has some of the best sunsets in Vermont.

The park has modern restrooms, complimentary wireless internet, and electricity. However, you should make plans for an alternative like a portable power station (Acevolt Campower)

Best Camping time

Between May 27 - Sept. 17

Reservation methods and fees

You can 

  • Make reservation online
  • Call the reservation call center (Monday to Friday from 9 am - 4 pm)

$5 for one person per night, Tent/RV Base Rate is $19, lean-to’s base rate is $38, additional $2 if you are a non-resident.

Business hours

10a.m to 4a.m daily


2714 Hathaway Point Rd, St Albans Bay, VT 05481.

Grand Isle State Park.

The grand isle state park is a beautiful state park with Adirondack mountains to the west and the green mountains to the east. It is also the largest of the Lake Champlain islands.

This campsite has many features, including biking, nature walk, 115 tent/RV sites, 36 lean-to sites, four cabins, volleyball, and very scenic picnic sites.

Camping in Grand isle state park gives you access to an abundance of water activities like paddling, boating, swimming, and fishing.

The campground's basic amenities include good drinking water, flush restrooms, recycling, and dump stations. It also has areas for kids' playgrounds, nature centers, volleyball areas, and a boat launch, but there are no hookups.

Campers at this campsite receive free day entry to the beaches nearby (knight point state park and Alburg Dunes State Park)

Best Camping time

  • Summer months, May 13 - October 15

Reservation methods and fees

  • 11 months in advance reservation available
  • Seasonal campsites rate ranges from $18-$27 per night
  • Cabins range from $51-$53 per night

Business hours

8 a.m - 9p.m.


36 East Shore South Grand Isle, VT 05458.

Green Mountain National Forest.

If you are looking for a family-friendly camping spot or a campsite with great views, epic hikes, or boating spots, Green mountain National first is one of Vermont state campgrounds that will perfectly suit you.

The forest is a national forest that spreads over 821,000 acres in Vermont State campground. It was established in 1932 to protect specific places affected by overlogging and varieties of native wildlife species. 

They provide complete hookup services such as water, electricity, and wifi. It also has activities that can keep kids busy such as swimming pools, biking trails, and hiking trails.

Best Camping time

During the fall, around early to mid-October should be just right.

Reservation methods and fees

Sites can be reserved on recreation.gov. It is advisable to make reservations before going to camp because reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis

The camping fee is $10 per site per night; it is payable at the self-pay station.

Business hours

The campground is open year-round, and hosts are typically on-site.


It is situated at the heart of Vermont

Jamaica state park

Jamaica state park is a beautiful park located on the banks of the west river; it is a state park in jamaica with 772 acres.

This park is famous for its shallow fast ripples and deep, slow running water that gives room and promotes lovely fishing conditions.

This campground has 42 tents (pet-friendly tents) and RV with 18 lean-to shelters. Its other basic amenities include a nature center, modern bathrooms, and restrooms.

It provides all-year recreational opportunities, including mountain biking, swimming, boating, hiking, and fishing.

You shouldn’t miss out on taking a hike to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vermont state at Hamilton Falls.

Best Camping time

April 29 to the second Monday in August

Reservation methods and fees.

Reservations are for a minimum of two nights by contacting the reservation call center.

$5 for one person per night, Tent/RV Base Rate is $19, lean-to’s base rate is $38, additional $2 if you are a non-resident.

Business hours

10a.m - official sunset


48 Salmon Hole Ln, Jamaica, VT 05343.

Smugglers Notch State Park

Smugglers notch state park is a beautiful Vermont campground; it has 20 tent sites and 14 lean-to’s available for campers.

It is located in northern Vermont with an elevation of about 2100 feet above sea level on the slopes of Mount Mansfield and passes through it with 1000-foot cliffs on either side.

This campground was named in the respect and honor of smugglers notch. 

It has one of the best hikes in Vermont on this campground, the most famous of it is the long trail, and it is close to the thrilling village of Stowe.

This campground is open for recreational opportunities such as snowmobiling and skiing.

Best Camping time

May 20 to October 16

Reservations methods and fees

The minimum reservation is for two nights through March. After then. There are one-night reservations during the weekdays. 

$8 reservation fee, with $19 per night (pitching a tent or parking a trailer). $28 per night if you are staying in a park’s lean-tos,

Business hours

2 - 8pm


6443 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672.

Kettle Pond State Park.

Are you looking for an exciting place to have your camping in Vermont with your group of friends? Kettle pond state park would be nothing short of your expectation.

This campground is a beautiful state park not so far from the city of Marshfield, located within the 26,000-acre Groton State Forest.

Kettle pond state park is one of the most famous recreational places in Vermont, and they run various recreational activities on the campground.

You can go fishing with your group, swimming, boating, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking and have the best fun possible.

The campground offers 26 lean-to’s well arranged in 5 campsite groups. It has two double pit toilets and two composting toilets.

Best Camping time

May 20 - 2nd Monday in October

Reservation methods and fees

It has a 2-night minimum policy for reservations till March 1, after which one-night reservation options are available. 

$6 per person per night for a minimum of 8 people. 

Business hours

6 am to 9 pm


4239 VT-232, Groton, VT 05046


Plan a trip with your family and friends to any of the above Vermont campgrounds to reconnect with nature. However, don’t forget the necessary things you will need because of the excitement of the camping trip, your portable power station to light the environment, and we strongly recommend Acevolt Campower. Have Fun!

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