The vastness of the universe leaves us in constant wonder. Looking around us we see the elements of mother nature in its glory and splendor, and all we can do is bask in its beauty and wonder. What better way to do this other than by camping and stargazing?

Montana, the big sky country, provides the perfect blue skies which stretch along the skies endlessly in glorious magnificence. If you are planning a camping and stargazing trip and you want to enjoy staring into the night sky and taking in all its beauty while making memories with your loved ones, then look no further because is the place to be.

A good percentage (80%) of the different regions of the United States are unable to see the Milky Way. This is not the case with Montana as it remains one of the few places where you can experience the stars at their brilliant twinkling best. Get ready, because this will be your best camping and stargazing adventure yet. You can also participate in star parties at different locations within Montana.

This article hopes to show you the top 6 destinations for your next camping and stargazing trip in Montana. A few tips to keep you safe and buzzing all through your adventure will also be included.

Let’s get into it!!!

6 Best Places for Camping and Stargazing in Montana

Little Rocky Mountains

First on the list is the 25,000-acre island Little Rocky Mountains. It is located in North-central Montana in line with the southern portion of the Fort Belknap Reservation. This remote location is almost completely free of light pollution and you are sure to have a swell time here.

One of the spots to look out for is the Montana Gulch campground. It is a primitive 10-spot campground, but if you require cabins and better lodging options then you should consider the small town of Zortman which is 30 miles away.

Medicine Rock State Park

Second, on the list is the gorgeous Medicine Rock State Park. Famous for its rock arches and sometimes 80 feet tall perforated sandstone pillars decorated with ancient petroglyphs (some dating as far back as the 1800s), Medicine Rock State Park is the place to be. 

You may have heard of the story about the passage of Theodore Roosevelt through this area on his way to South Dakota and in his admiration of the wonder before him, he described it as one of the most fantastically beautiful places he had ever seen. 

Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (CMR)

For those searching for a place that offers colorful skies and beautiful landscapes, the CMR is your choicest destination. Covering over 1 million acres in the northcentral and northeastern region of Montana, the CMR has it all. Top spots like Fort Peck where you will find the Fort Peck Dam attract a lot of campers, but you may want to watch out for a bit of light pollution. You may also want to check out the Visitor Center. 

Other slightly primitive spots like the James Kipp Recreation Centre close to the Slippery Ann Elk Viewing area are also nice stops. In September and October, this is the place to be as you get to see the show of the bull elk during the rut.

American Prairie Reserve

The American Prairie reserve borders several portions of the Upper Missouri River Breaks Monument and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. It is privately owned but made available to the public. Covering up to 3 million acres, the American prairie reserve offers unique star gazing opportunities.

In case you are going with a four-wheel drive vehicle, you will come across mostly neat gravel roads and well-paved paths. Campgrounds are situated at Buffalo camp in the Sun Prairie region and roughly 9 miles north of the James Kipp Campground you will find Antelope Creek.

Most campers and stargazers stay either in Malta to explore the northern region of the reserve or they opt for Lewiston in the southern end of the reserve. For those who would like to stay overnight to experience the stars, The Enrico Education and Science center is a wise choice.

Brush Lake State Park

Located in the northeastern corner of the state, Brush Lake State Park is popular for the different watersports and swimming activities held on the 2800-acre lake. Brush lake is also famed for its scenic view of the stars shining brightly at the night.

Sites are available for reservation and lodgings and restaurants are also available at Medicine Lake and Plentywood. Both locations are roughly 25-30 miles from the park.


Blue Mountain Observatory

Last on the list is the Blue Mountain Observatory which sits atop the blue mountain just outside Missoula at an elevation up to 6,300 feet high. The journey between the observatory from downtown Missoula takes about 45-minute hence you will come across minimal light pollution.

It is advisable to make reservations before you embark on your journey and make sure you have with you all the essential items to keep you safe and comfy all through your adventure.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Pack Essential Items

Having the right items packed can be the thin line between a memorable stargazing and camping adventure or an absolute nightmare. Items like a first aid kit, torchlights, navigation items, food items, a knife, and a telescope should be top on your priority list.

Stay Powered with Acevolt Portable Power Station

A portable power station like the Acevolt Campower is also essential to keep your gadgets fully powered up. With a reliable battery and multiple ports for different types of appliances, you can rest assured that you and your pals can record, broadcast, and make as many memories as you like with your appliances.

Make Reservations 

Before embarking on your journey, you can make reservations to rule out the stress of searching for lodgings at the eleventh hour. Making reservations also shields you from uncertainties and you can easily switch course to a less populated region

Study your Map

To ensure you stay on course, study your map and mark out all the areas you would like to visit. You don’t want to take a wrong turn and end up God knows where. Studying your map also gives you a lay of the land and you can be strategic about your movement.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it. Each of these locations will no doubt leave you with memories and as you sail across the skies, you will be amazed by the beauty that awaits you

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