RV Storage Ideas

15 Easy RV Storage Ideas

While camping might be fun in itself, there is no greater comfort than being able to travel around in your own space. Having an RV is one of the best things ever, especially for those that like to constantly go looking for new adventures. 

When going RV camping, there is a lot of stuff that you have to bring along. Furniture, kitchenware, foodstuffs, and bath things all have to make the trip. Going with the kids also means that you'd have to bring their toys and accessories. You are definitely not going to leave behind the bikes, fishing equipment, and other gear that you would need for exploring. Plus, you should ensure you have a backup battery source like the Acevolt Campower.

Trying to fit all of these into a camper can be quite a challenge. Not to worry, below is a list of some of the best RV storage hacks. These camper organizing ideas are easy and very effective to help you manage the little space that you have.

15 RV Storage Ideas

1. Closet organizer

Getting an RV closet organizer can help improve your next camping trip. Traveling with the whole family can mean that there is limited space in the closet to fit everyone's wardrobe.

The closet organizer can help to double the clothing storage when you utilize all the little pockets and shelves that are available. They also help to keep your clothes out of sight, thereby ensuring that they remain clean. The organizer allows everyone to have a space to themselves, preventing a mix-up of clothes.

2. Portable nightstand

When you're at home, you might be able to simply place all of your nighttime clutter on the nightstand before going to bed, but there's no room for that when you're RVing. A modest RV might mean that there is no space for a nightstand with a big enough drawer for all your stuff, or there might be no nightstand at all.

This is where this bedside storage bag comes in. It offers you space to keep things like your reading glasses, cell phone, notebook, or whatever you are reading before you fall asleep.

Another advantage is that you can simply move it along with you and take it to the living room or wherever you might need it. It is one of several RV organization ideas and helps make your stuff easy to find as well.

3. Make your own toothbrush holder

Keeping your toothbrush properly in the camper can become quite a headache. It is just gross to put the toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet, and the wall holders expose them to dust and germs.

Many RV storage solutions don't give room for your toothbrushes, so you can simply craft these easy DIY PVC pipes into toothbrush holders. These will keep your toothbrushes stored neatly and easy to reach. You can go ahead and add personalized letters so everyone knows which one is theirs.


4. Individual shoe racks

Packing shoes can be hectic. You need different shoes for hiking, biking, or even climbing. Getting these individual shoe racks helps organize all the shoes you decide to bring along.

They have an adhesive at the back that allows them to stick easily to the wall or even your bed frame. They hold up really well and are able to carry shoes of different sizes.

5. Under table storage drawers

One of the uncommon RV storage ideas is making use of the drawers under the table to add storage space. Since most RV tables don't have drawers, this is a great way to get more camper storage. You can add these drawers to any counter where there is no drawer to maximize storage.

6. Car seat organizer

Traveling in a travel trailer can mean that you spend more time in the tow vehicle than in the cabin. With these backseat car organizers, you can prevent your driving space from getting cluttered.

It can also help you to keep everything that you need within reach so that the backseat itself can be made use of. It is one of many effective travel trailer storage ideas, especially for putting away items that are used every day.

7. Under-shelf baskets

Even after applying all the camper storage ideas to arrange everything, you may still find yourself needing more space for certain things. You could surely do it with these under-shelf baskets. They can be used for packing dry things, whether in the bedroom, bathroom, or even the kitchen.

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8. Stackable pots and pans

It can be difficult to fit all of your pots and pans into the RV's small kitchen. You can make sure they do not take up all the space by using stackable ones. These pots and pans can be fitted together and take up less space.

9. Stackable bowls

After pots and pans, bowls are probably the next most used utensil in the kitchen. Whether it is for mixing or simply for holding foodstuffs, you will need quite a number of bowls. It helps when they are stackable because that way, they take up only a very small space.

10. Kitchen cabinet organizer

If you are not looking to get a new set of pots and pans, you can simply invest in a kitchen cabinet organizer. It helps to keep pans and lids away and increases storage space. With this organizer, it makes it easier for you to be able to reach the piece you want to use.

11. Roll-up dish rack

It can be quite a chore to wash the dishes in that small RV kitchen. Drying the dishes with a regular rack isn't an option as it takes up counter space. Having this simple roll-up dish rack can help save the day. Simply unroll it over the sink and curl it back up when the dishes are dried.

12. Get square food containers

Good airtight food containers can help you to keep dry goods and food leftovers fresh for a much longer time than they would be in a bag or box. Square containers allow you to get more storage for your RV refrigerator or cabinets than if they were round or irregularly shaped.

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13. Magnetic knife strips

When camping out in an RV, a knife block is completely out of the question. Having several knives can also mean that there is no way to actually arrange all of them in the kitchen drawer of the RV. So magnetic knife strips are the way to go.

They are great for small spaces and help to keep knives out of the way. They also ensure that the knives remain sharp as they are not striking other silverware in the drawer. The strips hold the knives well, and they do not fall off even when the RV is driven over rough roads.

14. In-cabinet garbage cans

Even in the best of situations, handling the smell of your garbage can be quite difficult. In an RV, garbage not only takes up space but can also give off bad odors that can quickly fill the camper. With these in-cabinet garbage cans, you can keep your garbage out of sight and off the floor.

15. Use your RV bathroom rack better

Instead of hanging your damp towel over the door, you can create more space in the bathroom of your RV by placing some storage bins on the bathroom rack.
This will provide you with a place to keep your towels, soaps, lotions, and other things you need in the bathroom.


When it comes to camping in a house on wheels, proper RV storage solutions can make it a lot more comfortable. Finding things all over the place can make a large travel trailer seem cramped and claustrophobic. But with simple camper hacks, even a modest camper can feel like a home. While packing up the camper, ensure that you take along a portable power station such as the Acevolt Campower 700 for a constant power supply.

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