10 Must-Have Items for Fall Camping Packing List

Fall is a perfect time to go camping. First, you are not subject to unpredictable weather conditions, wet grounds, and freezing nights, so moderate fall weather can be tolerated. Then since most people go camping during summer, there is less crowd, and you get to enjoy your time there without worrying about different factors. 

To have a wonderful camping experience, it is essential that you go with some must-have items, so you do not end up being uncomfortable or getting stranded. There are some items for camping no matter the period of the year, and some are time specific. Here are essential items to take with you when camping during the fall.


A tent is essential no matter the time of the year you are going camping. Though it is easy to leave behind because everyone thinks someone already got it. So, ensure you make a checklist and only mark it when you have put it in th camping car. The tent to use during fall does not need extra details like what you will need during winter. So, pay attention to details like tears, punctures, and durability.

The tent should have a rainfly because the weather is not completely predictable, and if you are going with a sleeping bag, it should have proper insulation.

Clothing Layers

The weather fluctuation during fall makes it hard to know what clothing to wear while camping in the fall. To simplify it, take your normal wear and a lot of layers. When the weather is cool, you can be on the normal wear, and when the temperature drops, you layer up. 

Ensure the layers are breathable and water-resistant to stay warm and dry. Some layers you can take along are:

  • Head warmers or winter hats
  • Winter coat
  • Wind and water resistant jacket
  • Wool socks. Take extra pairs with you because they easily get wet.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Mittens to keep ur hand warm
  • Extra clothes, pants, and shoes. This is so you will have things to change into in case of wet outfits.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping gear is essential for camping, but since you are going during fall, there is something to pay extra attention to. These are some things to remember while packing your sleeping gear.  

  • Three-season tent: This tent has a rain fly to keep moisture out in case of rain or drizzle. If you are going with this, you should also have a tarp to keep under the tent so that the interior does not get wet. 
  • Sleeping bag: The sleeping bag is essential when it gets very cold, especially at night. It ensures you stay warm throughout your stay. If you do not need it, you can stay cool by doing without it. But it is better safe than sorry. 
  • Mattress pad: It is more comfortable sleeping on the ground during summer than it is during fall. A mattress pad is a layer between your body and the cold ground, keeping you warm. 
  • Warm water bottle: This might not be necessary if you have layers and other things to keep you warm. But it is also a great way to keep the inside of your tent warm. So, if you do not want to layer up, keep this in your sleeping bag over the night. 

Food and Cooking Supplies

It is almost impossible to forget your foodstuff, but you can easily forget your cooking supplies. If you do not make a list of what you need, you will inevitably miss something. Things to take along with you.

  • Food supplies: Food basics like rice, pasta, etc., spices and mixes, salt, pepper, cooking oil, butter, syrup, and jelly, canned food, like chili and soup, dried food, and energy food (Gels, bars, and trail mix), tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.
  • Cooking supplies: Stove, frying pans, knife, bottle and can openers, pot holders, aprons, matches or lighter, cutting board, cooking utensils (spoon, tongs, whisk, and spatula), cooking pots, cooking fuel. If you have barbequed food, do not forget the grill, grill rack,  charcoal, aluminum foil, etc.
  • Eating supplies: Plates, forks, knives, tablecloths and clips, cups, water bottles, and napkins.
  • Food storage supplies:  Coolers, ice, egg holders, storage bags, and bins.
  • Clean up supplies: Plate rack, biodegradable soap, wash bins, paper towels, recycling bags, and pot scrubbers.
Backup Power Supply

Even if the camp always promises a power supply, you should not go without a backup. Even though the weather is not likely to cause a power outage, other unpredictable circumstances can leave you without supply. So, instead of worrying, go with a portable solar backup generator like Acevolt 700. 

Survival Kit

There can be cases of emergencies while you are in the camp, and since you are not in your comfort zone, you should go with items that come in handy in case of an emergency.  Some of these items are

  • Bright headlamps in case you get lost at night or get delayed and need to walk in the dark. 
  • Map and compass to guide to if you lose  your way
  • Whistle to call for help
  • Extra food items for when you get delayed
  • Sunglasses
  • Pocket knife

First-Aid Kit

Safety first also applies when you go camping. A first-aid kit comes in handy anytime, and even though you do not hope for bad events, you should still take it with you. It should contain bandages, painkillers, and other first aid supplies. 


Toiletries are so basic that you can easily forget you are not with some necessities. So, make a list of all the toiletries you will need. Get you soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, towels, washcloths, etc. 

You should also go with toilet paper, biodegradable wipes, sunscreen, bug repellent, shaving stick or cream, and anything you can not go for three days without using. 


Just because you are out camping does not mean you have to be cut off from the world, which will happen if you forget some electronic necessities. Since you will go with a portable solar-powered, you should go with an extension, your phone, and a laptop charger.

For times when you will not be near the camping ground and portable generator, you should have a portable power bank. This ensures you are not stranded with a flat battery.

Camping activities items

Camping time is to relax and have fun, so what is the use if you are there with all essential items except those necessary to have a good time? If you are camping near the mountains, you should go with your hiking items, and if it is near a pond, go with fishing items. Plan towards the activities you will have in the camp and take items necessary to make it happen. 

Since you will not always be out climbing mountains or cycling, you should go with fun items for leisure time. Go with card and tabletop games, a speaker to play the music, etc. Do not forget camping chairs and tables to ensure you are comfortable during your leisure.


Camping during fall is fun if you make optimum use of the opportunity. The best way to make optimum use is to go with all essentials and extras. Do not forget your protective clothes, food and cooking supplies, Acevolt 700 portable power supply, and emergency kit. Safety first, fun next. 

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